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08/28/08 | 15:53PM
Ex-employee's Story

When I got hired on at Verizon Wireless, I was so excited! I was thinking to myself how great an opportunity it was, because the pay and benefits were extraordinary! However, I soon figured out why...

Constantly in the training class, they kept saying how they don't give us scripts to follow, that they want us to be independent and make decsisons for ourselves, blah blah. But when we finally got up on the floor to take calls, I kept getting reprimanded for not saying what they wanted me to say! For example, this situation kept reoccuring...

I would get a phone call from a distraught customer, usually an older man or woman, who's spouse or family member had just died. They were calling to cancel the deceased's account, and were obviously not in a good mood or willing to make deals. Instinctively, I would express my deepest sympathy, and not in the trained robotic way we were expected to, and then I would do everything I could, as quickly as possible, to make their experience as smooth as I could. When the call would hit quality control, I always got low scores because I didn't try to sell them something or convince them to keep the account, to jsut change the name, etc. I told my supervisors I refused to waste the grieving party's time, and that they could continue to make me down for that, because I was a human being dealing with other human beings.

Aside from those issues, I eventually had to quit because they were not following federal ADA regulations. I have issues with blood sugar, and to prevent myself from becoming diabetic in the future, I have to eat a regular times every day. I told my supervisor this during training, before the rotating lunch schedules came into effect, and he told me to wait until the issue was at hand, and then get my doctor to write a note and send it to Human Resources.

I waited, and then when the rotating schedule was imminent, I got the note from my doctor and gave it to Human Resources. I was then told, "Notes don't count, fill these out," and was given a slew of forms that had to be completed by the end of that week, even though it was already Thursday. I was granted a temporary extension to keep my lunch schedule steady, and was able to get my doctor to fax the forms at the beginning of the next weeks.

After a few days of waiting, I get an email from Human Resources saying the forms weren't filled out correctly and I'd have to do it again, and they couldn't grant me another temporary extension. I was furious, and went down to Human Resources immediately only to be attacked by the rude, rabid HR Rep. She was blantantly discriminating against me because I was asking for provisions that the federal American's with Disabilities Act grants me. After a few days of trading more emails, I eventually went over her head and scheduled a meeting with the Call Center director.

The meeting was rescheduled every day for the next two weeks, and it was apparent that they were just trying to drag the incident out indefinitely. I couldn't wait any longer, and could feel the stress of the situation negatively affecting my health, not to mention the rotating lunch schedule screwing with my blood sugar, so I had to quit.

So, for all your consumers out there, they don't just treat you like crap. They even treat their employees like crap. Thats not to say the Customer "Service" agents are justified in treating you like crap, but it gives you a little insight with what they might deal with every day from their "superiors".

Verizon thinks they're above the law, because they don't even follow Federal ADA regulations! Don't be suprised when they defraud you, the consumer!

- Verizon H8er ID: 6F03D1

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12/20/08 | 22:20PM
i had a similar problem and was fired but sooner or later i will launch a barrage of chaos on them that they have never seen.

- Verizon H8er ID: FD6FDA

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