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09/04/08 | 23:11PM
Die Verizon, DIE!

My stories with Verizon are endles. Many many years ago when I was a Verizon customer I had called to inquire about the procedures for international calling. The customer service rep told me "it is only 5.99 a month more to add it to your plan." I wrongly assumed that I would not receive a $3000+ phone bill because they can charge you upwards of 12 dollars a MINUTE!!! Of course they don't explain this when you ask about international calling, they imply that it will be you regular minutes. Needless to say, I paid my phone bill and canceled my service (yes I paid that gianormous fee to get out of my contract, it was worth it). Four years later I had forgotten about verizona nd moved on, until today when I checked my credit report and noticed that someone made an excessively large phone bill in my name, When I called Verizon ,t he customer serviceless representative confirmed that there was an account in my name and then stated that he could not give me any information, like how long the account had been opened, where it had been opened at, and how much the bill was. I said if the account was opened with my information then I had a right to that information and he said "I don't have that information." Yeah right! When I asked him what kind of accountability verizon had for allowing someone else to open an account in someone elses name he told me "nothing I can do about that". He suggested I call the fraud department, which I did. They don't even have a real live person to talk to only an address where you can send a letter of complaint. I have said it a million times before...FUCK VERIZON. My new company currently uses Verizon phones. I use my own personal cell from t-mobile and pay my own bill rather than use a free phone from a cocksucking company like verizon. Our contract expires in two months and when it does...verizon is OVER!

- Verizon H8er ID: 9FF21D

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10/02/08 | 19:13PM
I think I love you, I couldn't have said it better myself.

- Verizon H8er ID: 0A7D76

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