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09/06/08 | 0:20AM
How dare they?

I am online by dialup because my DSL is still not working after two weeks, to post something on the BBB or report Verizon to the NYS AG’s or do something to address the frustration I am experiencing. I feel it is unconscionable that they can treat their customers like this and get away with it. I figured I would first do a search on “I hate Verizon” to see if I was alone in my frustration, and was frankly surprised to see that so many others have also had enough of Verizon. I have spent several hours over the last two weeks trying to get my DSL working which has been getting progressively worse for months. I stayed home all day today waiting for someone to show up but they never showed. I also made more than five phone calls today to Verizon to try and verify that they would be here and could not get through to anyone or machine that could tell me anything more than there is a service ticket on file and I have to wait at home between 8:00AM and 7:00PM!

How can they stay in business when they point blank refuse to give a service window less than 8:00AM – 7:00PM and on top of that not even show up with a much as a phone call to say they are running late or to reschedule or something? How can they stay in business when they direct ALL technical assistance calls to India to be answered be English speaking robots trained to precision to repeat and affect the same trouble shooting routine every time instead of looking at the account to see that this has not worked the last million times it has been tried? How can they stay in business when they don’t call back when they accidentally disconnect from you and instead force you to go back through the inescapable interrogation of voice and numerical prompts only to end up with another Indian robot who starts the process all over again? In spite of their rhetoric and propaganda to the contrary, how can they not give a damn about the time of their customer and how can they mechanize and dehumanize their customer service to the point where a customer gets the clear experience that they are trying to interact with something on the order of the Borg whose sole purpose appears to be to dehumanize and annihilate their customers’ civility? I am frustrated and angry with the way I have been treated.

- Verizon H8er ID: DAC869

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09/10/08 | 6:00AM
amen sista...or brutha as the case may be.

I am a normally calm, well-spoken, polite person but after being as you said subjected to the Borg it's very difficult to be civil to the person at the other end of the line.

- Verizon H8er ID: C47FC2

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