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09/09/08 | 11:44AM
Verizon Employee

Verizon Wireless (2008) threatens its employees with job elimination if they do not sell you a cell phone with 3 or more accessories and as much data as possible (text messaging, gps, vcast, rhapsody, ringbacktones, etc) They tell us to thing outwardly on customer needs and not to sell them things they do not need or want but on the back end they threaten us with write ups and put us down for not meeting our metrics quotas. Ever wonder why we can seem pushy at times? It is because we are micro managed and live in constant fear of discipline for not selling you overpriced accessories and data plans. Verizon is almost as big as AT&T or bigger with the recent acquisition of Alltell and while they told us last year that the main concern was to be the best and not the biggest, this year they changed their mind and decided they want to be the biggest. It is very difficult to be a sales rep at Verizon because it is constant pressure when thinking consumers demand the basics and do not cave in to our sales game. Verizon does not seem to understand that they cause us to hate our own customers who decline to pay us more than they need to or are willing to pay. We see customers who say no as enemies of our commission dollars and thus we try to avoid those customers after the initial point of assistance because we are left with a bad taste in our mouth. Sales reps who are aggressive make up to 5,000.00 dollars per month in commissions and the weak ones average between 500.00 to 1300.00 dollars. I decided Verizon lies to its employees and its customers so I never say we are the best carrier as I know other carriers are just as good as us. And I resent how they try so hard to use us to fuel their greed. They just awarded $260,000,000 million dollars in profit share with employees so that tells me they make enough money yet they always want more and more. Customer service at their corporate call centers and customer service in their retail stores are a group divided by contempt for each other as they always try to shove customers towards the "other party" because they do not want to help customers. There are similar problems at other carriers and the cell business is just very suspect these days. I suggest consumers refuse everything and demand free phones only and refuse to pay for anything other than the taxes on phones because it is the law. I advise consumers to get the cheapest possible plans and if they truly have no need for data/email do not buy blacberries or palm type cell phones and request that all application downloads be blocked instead of being left open to be charged $1.99 per MB usage which allows the company to rape consumers. Say NO to Vcast (video clips of news, sports, etc) as it is a horrible service anyway which constantly gets interrupted with buffering of the clips and contains unsuitable material for your children. Also parents seem so unaware that when they allow their children to text they are allowing an open door to pornography and trash talk and gossip. When salespersons conduct "phone book transfers" it is always done in some back room where they immediately try to look at your pictures or videos to see if you have recorded any pornography in your devices (and many consumers record tons of porn on their cell phones for some odd reason). I have personally read tons of text messages on children and teenager cell phones that made me wonder if parents are so asleep and unaware of what their children talk about and the type of pictures they share. If I had children I would not allow them to have cell phones until they were old enough to support themselves and make their own decisions. Much of the content that Verizon uploads to the devices for which they want you to pay a premium on such as Vcast is offensive and lewd. Verizon fosters pornography and lewdness and is helping to lower your standards and those of your children. Verizon is not your friend. They could care less about you and their employees. The name of the game is money, money and more money. Find a respectable carrier who does not try to rip you off. I know this all sounds crazy as I work for the company but I do not plan to stay here much longer. Verizon is one big money, ego and competition party and many employees bare the heartaches until they can find a more reputable company to work for. I am one of those employees. I cannot reveal my name because I believe Verizon is capable of wreaking havoc in the lives of those who shed light for the public to be informed of what really goes on on the inside. I advise consumers to post concerns and share their horror stories and then Verizon will either shape up or lose millions of customers.

- Verizon H8er ID: 157F07

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01/17/09 | 3:19AM
I worked there too back in 2003. They really are awful. It is beyond me that their business practices have not been more widely known. It is a shame they are so incredibly shameless. They really don't care.

On the surface when you first start working there it seems like a good place to work and they reimburse educational expenses and they have training. And then you start trying to sell and work with customers and all you find is problem after problem. How can you possibly sell when you have ten people a day with a massive billing/fraud/lie problem. Incredible.

People reading this, please do not give these people your money.

- Verizon H8er ID: 63074E

05/14/10 | 4:39AM
I worked in a call center for them too...same exact problems...enough said

Twitter: 333solstice333

VERIREP - Verizon H8er ID: CF12C6

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