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09/15/08 | 22:33PM
The most hellish customer "service" experience EVER

Last year I made the monumental mistake of giving Verizon a shot. I ordered their phone and internet for three weeks before coming to my senses and switching to Time Warner Cable.

For those 20 days, I was charged $204.

After hours, and I mean HOURS, on the phone with their useless reps, I finally got credited enough so that only $32.50 was remaining. It was for a modem that I returned in November, and the reps said it was received and that the credit would be applied "sometime next week."

That was back in December 2007. I didn't hear anything from them since and assumed I was finally done dealing with this poor excuse for a company.

Last Friday (September 2008), I got a call from a debt collector asking for $32.50! Words cannot describe how APPALLED I was to find that the nightmare had returned.

Verizon made a mistake in not crediting me for the modem and actually had the gall to report me for not paying it! At this point, I am so mad it's not even about the money anymore. I refuse to get bullied into paying a debt I don't owe!

I called them again today, and it was one and half hours of the same old crap - I was transferred six different times. At least half that time I was put on hold while "they go check on your records." The last dude transferred me to a "credit memo" department and instead I was put back to the automated screening in the very beginning.

Nobody could do anything. "I can't see your records cuz they go back too far"-type BS. "I understand what you're saying but your account has been closed." "That's an issue for the shipping dept.," said the billing guy. "That's an issue for the billing dept.," said the shipping lady, who lied when she said she'd call them to confirm my modem was received.

I wasn't able to get a single person to agree to apply a one-year-overdue credit. And forget about an apology for causing my credit score to possibly go down for NO REASON.

These people don't do anything but sit on their butt and pass the buck. It is absolutely disgusting. And it is no exaggeration that this is a company full of incompetent, money-sucking, quick-to-bill, slow-to-help LIARS.

- Verizon H8er ID: 785E3B

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