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09/16/08 | 13:55PM
Just flat out lied

"Yes, we'll waive the activation fee." The bill comes, there's the charge. I call, Supervisor says, "Yes we'll waive the activation fee." Next bill comes, there's the charge...

And, after 15 calls to get the service working properly, supervisor says, after 45 minutes on the phone, yes, we'll credit you for one month. Next bill comes, no credit.


- Verizon H8er ID: 6DCB36

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05/14/10 | 4:37AM
prepaid or contract? i was a call rep i could tell you if they were lying or not...if it was prepaid we do a free activation over the phone unless if its through the other "Telesales" department(Which i belive is pointless to have and shouldn't charge) and if its contract it is billed no matter who you go through (store,rep, etc.) hope this helps if not contact me on twitter "333solstice333"

VERIREP - Verizon H8er ID: 20A58E

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