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09/17/08 | 23:46PM
Nothing New

6 years ago my wife and I used Verizon as our cell phone carrier. We started having trouble with them about 6 months into our contracted 2 years of service. Additional charges started showing up on our bills and services that we never ordered or agreed too started being charged for. When our 2 years were up we dropped them. Well, since we've got a rep coming out to the Union hall and everyone I know who uses Verizon talks good about them I thought I try them again. Only this time I signed up for their broadband service. I doubled checked with the sales lady on the discount that AK Steel employees are supposed to get and she assured me that yes I was elegible for a 20% discount but that it wouldn't show up until my 2nd bill. I signed the contract for 2 years and off I went. Well last month, 2 months in, I checked my invoice and it didn't reflect a discount, so I called their customer service. The lady told me that it should show up on my next bill. So when this months bill came in I checked again and the same thing - no discount. I called them today and spoke with a supervisor only to find out that I wasn't elegible for a discount. It turns out that you have to have a voice plan with them to get any discount at all. Of course my discussion with the guy got me nowhere and I waisted about an hour on the phone. If anyone else is thinking about using Verizon for phone service or their broadband service, I want to warn you to check and double check everything that the salesman tells you. I'm three months into a 2 year contract and now if I want to cancel I have to pay a $175 cancellation fee, even if I was lied to initially. I will be going down to the Union hall this friday and talking with the guy that comes out there. Anyone else had any similar experiences with Verizon lately?

- Verizon H8er ID: 513917

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