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09/29/08 | 23:04PM

We just switched to Verizon Fios tv and internet, and for a month things went great, besides the confusion of tv channels being different. The end of the 2nd month comes around and we never received our bill. Thinking it was odd we thought, maybe tomorrow. Another month goes by and we decide to call Verizon to to see what was going on, and they said we didnt have service. We thought it was odd since we were using it. They said, "oh we see the problem, it was our fault, you will get bills again starting next month." 4 months later, we get a bill, for $400!!! we look at the bill and noticed they charged us for early cancellation fee, and for reactivating it, then added deductions on the bill, yet didnt subtract it from the total. we called Verizon again and they said, "you didnt have service, and you canceled because you missed a payment." we rsepond with, "uh, no, we never canceled, we never got bills, and we've had the service the whole time." they respond with, "uh no u didnt have it." then hung up. Verizon owes me money for 1, breaking contract. 2. time wasted trying to fix the problem. 3. doing they're job. 4. emotional distress because the "outsourced" customer service treated me like a piece of shit and didnt help me resolve anything.

Thank You Verizon.

More importantly, thank you man for starting this website. i googles "hate verizon."

can we start a verizon class action website?

- Verizon H8er ID: 1C9F37

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