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10/02/08 | 19:04PM
Thank God it's not just me

Everything from "accidentally" hanging up on you when you are on hold, to "accidentally" changing your phone # when you are putting in an address change while using their crappy web site that crashes mid transaction. Then they have the nerve to charge you a reconnection fee after they tell you that there records show how the service request online was never completed. I am still to this day, disputing that charge. I have repeatedly called them Vultures. I have not had one signal good experience with Verizon. I recently cancelled my Verizon home phone and with out notifying me they not only upped my monthly rate from $19.99 to $39.54, but they also directly debited the payment from my bank account a full two weeks before the due date and then told me there was no way to reverse the charges. I am sorry that anyone out there has to deal with this, but thank God it's not just me.

- Verizon H8er ID: BC9551

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