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10/07/08 | 17:48PM

I'm moving from the East Coast to the midwest, and want to transfer my service. Easy, right? So I call Verizon and I get an answering machine. I try the chat room: when I try to send my message a pop-says "Please wait for" whoever was going to chat with me. I try to change on line: Verizon asks me to register. I try to register and the next screen won't load.

I can hardly wait for the revolution.

- Verizon H8er ID: 096998

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11/13/08 | 2:58AM
Do not try to move your service with Verizon. They will screw it up. If you have to stay with verizon, start a new account at the new address, move, then cancel the old account.

They turned my DSL service off three weeks ahead of schedule and then turned my landline service off every Monday of the following three weeks. Each time I had to spend ours on the phone to get the landline reconnected. I was passed from one person to another and none even tried to help me. When one technician came to my house because they said it was a wire issue at the house, he told me he was on the phone with the switching station and that the person at the switching station had the disconnected wire in his hand and that he'd fix it when he got back from lunch!!! Even the technician said verizon was too big for its own good.

If I didn't need to keep my e-mail address I'd be long gone.


Fed Up in MA

- Verizon H8er ID: F3BB0F

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