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10/13/08 | 8:13AM
I HATE VERIZON "service ticket"

Okay, so I'm a first time customer and a last time customer.

I recently moved into my new apartment for graduate school and among the list of things I needed to get done was obviously internet installation. The apartment manual had said to call Verizon as that's what most people here seem to use (or at least I think so). Anyway, I didn't realize what a horror dealing with this damn company would be.

So I call Verizon the first time and it was a decent experience. Since I'm a busy graduate student I don't have time to wait all day for the technician to come and install it. They say it they could come from anywhere from 8AM-5PM. Who has that much time to burn? Especially on a weekday! So I SPECIFICALLY ASK for a specific time slot. Like 10-11.30 so I could make it that time for the technician. The first lady was like 'oh yeah that's fine, we can do that for you.' LIE NUMBER ONE.

So comes the day where I'm suppose to get my service at 10-11.30. I get a miss call from a technician at 9.30! I'm in class so I obviously can't make that time. So I call him back and he's like 'Sorry, we can only do it between 8-5PM' I could come over any time.' And I'm like 'can't you just come over now?' 'No, he says, "I can't go over now because the ticket has been missed. You'll have to recall for another service ticket"

So I don't bother for the weekend (it was a friday) and it wasn't that important yet I could wait another few days. So I call Verizon again to reschedule, yet this time I for some reason, the tech help guy was like "your internet connection is showing up fine here. You don't need to do anything but install it." So I go home and install - DUH IT DOESN'T WORK LIKE I THOUGHT IT WOULD EVEN THOUGH I EXPLAINED TO THEM MY SITUATION. So I call them again, This time some Indian lady (THEY ARE BASED IN INDIA WTF) gives me some help and makes me go through all these stupid procedures to help make the connection work. THEY JUST DIDN'T GET IT I DIDN'T GET MY DAMN INTERNET INSTALL YET so how could I get a connection? So she then realizes (WOW FINALLY) that I need to schedule an appointment with a technician (OBVIOUSLY that's what I've been trying to do!) So I talk to the lady, who by the way was very RUDE. She's like 'We can only schedule between increments of 4 hours so 8-12 or 12-4' LIE NUMBER TWO. She also rudely asserts that if I want to get somebody to come at a specific time I'd have to pay it myself! It goes back and forth and then I'm like 'can' we do it on a weekend?' She's like 'yeah that's fine.' WTF. Why didn't you tell me earlier?! STUPID. So we schedule it for Saturday. And I'm like I don't have to do anything else right? 'Nope' she says. LIE NUMBER THREE.

It turns out I still have to confirm my appointment with somebody more local, so I do that and get a confirmation. By this time I'm pretty irritated as I don't want to have anything to do with their damn customer service, I just want my internet.

Saturday finally comes, and I end up missing my appointment due to my own fault. Yeah I can admit to that, but the technician (who called me the first time) said that I'd have to reschedule and that it is possible to do it again today. LIE NUMBER FOUR.

So I call and I'm on hold for another 45 minutes of my life with this damn company and to just get 'Oh we're sorry but we can't send anybody else out today?' And I said, 'Well, what about the technician that called me earlier? I have his number.' 'Oh we'll see what we can do but I can't make any guarantees' At this point I'm pretty frustrated, raise my voice saying that the technician said he'd be able to but all he needs is a ticket, so what's the big deal here?! By this time I've been on the phone for an hour. RIDICULOUS- THAT IS A RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF TIME TO RESCHEDULE SOMETHING. I then just go off and say 'I've been waiting for an hour to just simply reschedule something for today and now you're saying you can't make any guarantees? I don't hav e time for this, if you cannot reschedule today I will CANCEL IMMEDIATELY.' he then says it's up to the technician on their hours of when they would visit you. WHY DIDNT ANYBODY TELL ME THAT FROM THE BEGINNING!? I also tell him bluntly that I've been lied to. He comes back and says that that's not the case etc. etc. And I interrupt him and say, 'No, you listen to me. I have been lied to by this company on more than one occasion, people have been giving me wrong information.' to which I then specifically state each lie.

He then says that he'll call me back within an hour to see if he can get anybody to go over there today. Granted the whole incident was my fault to begin with, it shouldn't have taken more than 10-15 minutes to reschedule and not 45 minutes to finally figure out that they couldn't possibly reschedule today.

I tell him frankly, 'if you don't call within an hour I'm going to cancel, it's simple as that.'

He calls back and says that he'll get somebody over. So I then I finally meet up with the technician, he fixes some things and replaces my jack connector thing, then proceeds to tell me that something has been wrong with the main office DSL nearby here that services this area and that I won't get internet until Monday around 2. By this time I'm pretty calm, so I'm like 'yeah okay whatever.' Now that I think about it though. WTF?! you finally get your ass over here and now you're telling me that the internet is NOT GOING TO WORK UNTIL MONDAY?!

This is unbelievable because he said that something was wrong with the DSL office nearby. WHY DIDn'T THEY CATCH THAT THE FIRST TIME?! According to my tech he said that my line was actually hooked up to another phone line from the previous owner. BUT IT WOULDn't HAVE WORKED EVEN IF IT WAS THE RIGHT NUMBER as the whole damn office is having problems.

Now I have to wait until Monday (the 13th of October) to see if the internet will come on. The tech said it should come on by itself (the light on the modem) and that means I have internet. I don't get why the service people don't have any idea that that was going on. They could have easily found out for me so I knew it was their problem not my connection.

I told myself that if I don't get internet on the 13th by 2PM or that day. I will CANCEL IMMEDIATELY.

If I do, then I will want a refund of my money because they started charging the 3rd of October even though I haven't gotten my internet yet AND IT CONVENIENTLY SaYS THAT i'm all HOOkED UP AND READY TO GO.

I seriously HATE VERIZON and am tempted to cancel on them even if I do get internet!

- Verizon H8er ID: 187C6A

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11/19/08 | 12:58PM
i work at verizon as a technician. i can tell you that only a few of us really care about the customer. it starts from the top when they say.....production is king. no safety,no quality work. like i said, i work for verizon and i have cox for all my needs. i have no verizon products because iknow first hand how shady they are.

- Verizon H8er ID: 6930E9

12/28/08 | 3:43AM
I hate Verizon too, and switched my land-line to ooma. verizon go to hell!

- Verizon H8er ID: FCDDA4

04/29/09 | 0:55AM
Verizon has horrible Customer Service.Every month I have issues with their billing dpartment and tell me its my fault.I am cancelling as soon as I get someone to answer their phone

- Verizon H8er ID: 6A27DC

06/22/09 | 6:43AM
Sounds typical of the problems grad students face, not the most common sensed laden individuals. Verizon is not great at customer service, nor is this individual very bright.

- Verizon H8er ID: 0F9EAF

07/14/09 | 6:06AM
I would rather have needles 4inchs long polked in both of my eyes than to EVERRRR have to deal with verizon again. I was moving so I canceled my service for June 19th and made arrangements to install a package at the new place on the 22nd. I spent days and hours trying to get it connected.

After 10 days I spent 4 days trying to cancel the order. They would not give me a reference number. Therefore... I knew that they had not canceled it and would show up. SOooo.. just in case, I left a poster with huge black lettering saying that under no circumstances were they to install fios.

Well they came when I was gone but saw the poster.
Someone from dispatch called and ask why? Finally this woman canceled it out in her system.

Now that I have been in the new location for a month, I received a current bill for the old number. They DID NOT disconnect my old phone and DSL. I am at my whits end!! What does it take??

- Verizon H8er ID: CB9D41

03/08/10 | 17:50PM
I started with FIOS aabout two months ago and did not know that it would over ride my long distance carrier.

One day I called India and spoke for 90 minutes and taught that I was going long distance though my OneSuite.com carrier at the rate of 10 cents per minute. But the phone got transferred though FIOS where I was billed at the rate of approximately $5.40 cents per minute. The total bill for this one call was $629.00 per minute.

I called up customer service at 410-954-6260 and told them I did not know that FIOS would override my long distance phone card service. THEY REFUSED to accept this statement.


Suresh Abreu (410-821-5722) - Verizon H8er ID: 8308C3

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