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11/07/08 | 18:59PM
Free Trial turns into charged trial, no refund, and collection agency!

We signed up for a free trial with Verizon's DSL. We did not like the service so we returned the equipment and asked that the service be discontinued BEFORE the deadline and as per the agreement. However, we received a bill for that month. I called and explained what happened and they suggested that I pay the amount and they would then credit the amount to the next month. If I did not pay, it would look bad for my credit report (they said). So I paid the $50. The next month, there was no credit posted AND I was charged again! I called and was told to do the same thing. I have a high credit score so I followed their advice to protect it. The next month...same story. The third month, I received a bill AGAIN for DSL!! I called and reminded them that they already owed me $100 and that I would not pay this month's $50 fee AND that I was closing my account with them due to these repeated errors. They said that my account would be closed with a zero balance since it was their error and was the amount of the credit.
NOW, it is FIVE YEARS later and I get a letter from a collection agency requesting this money!! I called Verizon and they, conveniently, only keep records for 4 years. So now I have no "proof" of these calls or my credit or anything and I am going to have to pay AGAIN in order to protect my credit! They cannot be trusted!!! I have hated Verizon since that free trial and this experience has just pushed me over the edge! I tell everyone I know not to trust them or use them as a provider! Thanks for your site. I hope it saves people from this company!

- Verizon H8er ID: 06C7EF

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11/07/08 | 19:35PM
just another horror story about the nazi run company verizon.

- Verizon H8er ID: 078630

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