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08/04/16 | 14:48PM

Just wanted to give you an excerpt of what I wrote to a Verizon chat representative, who could not help me and ended up referring me to the phone support number.


I have an issue that I need resolved immediately. I am unexplainably angry with Verizon right now. Your service has been terrible, your customer service is the worst I've ever encountered, and still no one has been able to fix my issue; instead they hang up on me. Here's what happened:

On Sunday I called Verizon to pay the bill on our internet service. The account number is 8569620283. After speaking with them for almost an hour, and being transferred twice and told that my account couldn't be found, I was told that the service was canceled and sent over to collections. They told me that I had to call back on Monday to speak with collections. Monday I call and again, no one can find my account so I'm transferred. When they finally find my account, they transfer me again to collections. I speak to the representative in the collections department and they have me make a payment of $99.61 on the internet bill. After I pay, they tell me that they need to transfer me to another representative who can activate my internet service. When they transfer me, I speak to a representative who states that there is a "block" on the account and that it will take some time to be removed. She says that someone will have to call me back in an hour to restore my service. No one called me back. On Wednesday (two days later) I call Verizon back. Again, no one can find my account and when they do they tell me that I don't have internet service associated with the account number. Now, I'm angry. So the customer service representative places me back on hold for another 30 minutes while she "looks into it". When she comes back on the phone, she asks me for my account number again. I give it to her, and she places me on another fifteen minute hold. When she returns, she says I don't have internet service. So now I'm curious as to where my money went. I ask to speak to a supervisor. She places me on hold for another twenty minutes and finally a supervisor comes on the line. The supervisor has an attitude with me from the beginning and keeps talking to me as if there's nothing she can do for me. She asks for my account number (AFTER SHE SAID SHE COULD NOT DO ANYTHING FOR ME) and pulls up my account. She said she shows that I made a $99.61 payment, but it went to our land line phone service. That bill is only $20 per month! So, whoever I spoke with in collections, it seems, put that money toward the wrong bill! So now, I begin to tell her that she needs to take that $99.61 and put it toward our internet bill and get our service cut on, since it had been THREE DAYS since I made the payment to your company. She tells me that unfortunately there is nothing that she can do. So, I ask to speak to her supervisor. She said that her supervisor had gone home and that the people working were the late night crew. She puts notes in my account and tells me to call back in the morning. She tells me to call the main number and ask to be transferred to the ARIZONA CENTER which is the location where she works and ask for the supervisor JOEL who would be able to assist me further. So this morning I call the main number and ask to be transferred to the Arizona Center and the representative puts me on hold for 20 minutes and then returns to tell me that they have no way of directly transferring me to the Arizona Center. Now, of course, I'm furious. The representative from the day before didn't resolve my issue and gave me the WRONG INFORMATION when she told me that I could call and ask to be transferred to their center. THE SUPERVISOR GAVE ME THE WRONG INFORMATION. So I end up explaining my issue to the representative and they place me on hold for another fifteen minutes. They return to the phone to tell me that I don't have any internet service. I remind him that I paid the $99.61 but no one knows what's going on with my account. I tell him that today either one of two things needs to happen. Either #1, I need my internet service cut on TODAY and FOUR DAYS CREDITED TO MY ACCOUNT since I paid the payment on MONDAY and FOUR DAYS LATER I STILL HAVE NO INTERNET SERVICE or #2, I need him to CANCEL MY ACCOUNT and REFUND THE $99.61. He tells me that they launched an investigation into my account which will take SEVEN DAYS and that I will have to call back OR I could cancel but I couldn't cancel until after they BILL ME ONE FINAL BILL and I would have to PAY THAT BILL and then THEY WOULD MAIL ME A CHECK for my refund. So of course, this is unacceptable so I ask to speak to his supervisor. He transfers me and the line rings for TEN MINUTES before the supervisor, Sam, picks up. I explain to Sam that I'm furious and I explain why. He asks for my account number to which I replied "did the other guy not give you my account number?". At this point, I'm wondering why NO ONE IN CUSTOMER SERVICE KNOWS WHAT'S GOING ON OR CAN RESOLVE MY ISSUE. So, I explain to Sam what happened and he apologizes for the inconvenience. He says that he has to look into my account and places me on hold. Five minutes into me being on hold he hangs up on me.

Right now, I'm extremely dissatisfied with Verizon's service, and I don't even know if dissatisfied is a word that can accurately describe how I'm feeling right now. It's unacceptable how disorganized your customer service department is, and it's unacceptable that no one is able to do anything with my issue except transfer me, hang up on me, or lie to me and say that someone will return my call. So here's what I need from you. The first thing I need is to talk to someone WHO CAN ACTUALLY FIX MY ISSUE as no one else is able to do so. The second thing I need is to either TURN ON MY SERVICE TODAY AND CREDIT MY ACCOUNT WITH FOUR DAYS since I still have the equipment at my house or CANCEL MY SERVICE AND REFUND MY $99.61 TODAY and I will move to another service provider. I don't want to hear anything about WHY IT CAN'T BE DONE or ANOTHER BILL I HAVE TO PAY or A SEVEN DAY INVESTIGATION all I want to hear is either YOUR INTERNET SERVICE WILL BE RESTORED TODAY or I HAVE CANCELED YOUR ACCOUNT AND REFUNDED $99.61 TO YOUR CARD TODAY.

Thank you,

An angry Verizon customer."

Again, they weren't able to do anything for me except give me the number for phone support. I asked for someone that I could specifically talk to over there, such as a regional director or something similar, but again I was referred to the general phone number.

I did find an "Executive Support Hotline" that I will try today. The number is 1-800-483-7988. Has anyone tried this number? Were you able to get your issue resolved by speaking to an executive?

Mike - Verizon H8er ID: 4F8C61

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08/05/16 | 21:58PM
Usually filing an executive complaint will get the issue resolved. I filed one last year. It took about 4 days but they called me when they said they would, I had a direct number to the person helping me, and generally seemed to want to help. Guess that was so it didn't reach some higher up that didn't want to be bothered and would yell at the person handling the executive complaint. They also had more power to get it fixed and more access to other departments. Good luck!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 5AA510

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JasonEmorn - Verizon H8er ID: D85898

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