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11/23/08 | 4:39AM
11/22/08 Yes. I said 'hate'

I didn't keep a copy of the email I'd sent to Verizon today, but I basically said: "I hate verizon. (I never use the word hate.) Ever since the $50.00 rebate scam for which the salesperson didn't mention that I needed to keep and send the UPC code on the side of the box. Well, I chalked it up as 'my fault'. And then there was the noose (the 2 year contract)I had around my neck. I don't even have a contract on the apartment I rent!! OK. I'll do the contract. Finally when the 2 years was up, I was waiting for them to call and inform me of my options. No such call. So I finally called them, and after 30 minutes of BS from the cust. service rep, he finally says, yeah, there IS a company loyalty plan you can go on. Duh! I guess he finally found someone at Verizon who knew more than he did. But it was being billed for the minutes used for a.) checking my own verizon voice mail, b.) calls made to 1-800 numbers, and c.) incoming calls that finally broke my patience. (The latter two of which cell companies are making money on both ends of the call.) As I told Verizon, I know that all of this was probably listed in their reams of company verbiage which was given to me at the time of sentencing (when the original contract was signed), but who's going to read that? Another reason why cell phone companies and Verizon in particular remind me of credit card companies. Yes, let the buyer beware. As I told Verizon in my email, hopefully they will go out of business when customers finally get sick of their user unfriendly corporate BS, or litigation or laws force them to be more transparent.

- Verizon H8er ID: 03CDB7

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