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08/05/16 | 13:18PM
Verizon "Tech Support"

i use verizon tech support and "Premium" tech support. the verizon employee (tech) was complaining about the # of calls made to tech support!!! i said to him that: "i have better things to be doing than calling tech support." and to put him in his place i said i am "locked into a contract" - i paid for "tech" support - both ordinary tech support and "premium" tech support - i paid for this service and i want it when i have a computer issue - IS IT ANY MORE DIFFICULT THAN THIS?????.......BTW i do try to resolve my computer issues on my own before calling these "Clowns"........this character (tech)........had the "CHEEK" to mention to me the above.......i said if i didn't need "tech" support i wouldn't have taken out the "Premium" contract which comes at an ADDITIONAL FEE to me.....after i told this "Clown" Off.........i simply got off the line with the "Clown"........No Thanking Him.......No Social Amenities......FACE IT VERIZON AS A COMPANY DOESN'T RATE..........NEITHER DO THEIR "EMPLOYEES"........MY SUGGESTION TO EVERYONE: JUST "YELL" AT THESE TROUBLESOME VERIZON "EMPLOYEES" UNTIL YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT........THEN JUST "HANG UP THE PHONE"........THEY DON'T "RATE"!!!!!!!!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 2E1669

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03/09/19 | 2:20AM
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margosn60 - Verizon H8er ID: B6ECCD

03/12/19 | 17:54PM
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Svyatoslavlew - Verizon H8er ID: 14668C

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