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12/02/08 | 5:36AM

After failed attempts over the past few days to reach Verizon Billing department, I tried posting this note on their supposed customer service website. Of course I have not received any response.

This is only ONE example of how lame this company is...the very fact that I have to vent my frustrations in this manner is ridiculous. Please read the following.

To whom it may concern.

I cannot order Pay Per View events with my remote. When trying to order an event I receive the message, “You are not authorized to order Pay Per View events. Please contact customer service.”

By phone, I ordered the PPV HBO fight Jones vs. Calzaghe on Nov 7th and received the confirmation code OC7720077 from your agent Rafael. The event was scheduled for Nov 8th . Come time to watch I had no picture on the specified PPV channel. I tried contacting customer service but could not resolve the issue. I spent over an hour and a half on the phone getting bounced form department to department, most of which I spent on hold. As it turned out my fight night party had to be moved to another residence.

This is not the first incident. This also happened for the HBO PPV fight Miguel Cotto vs. Antonio Margarito which aired on July 26th of this year. As with the Nov 8th event, the party had to be moved at the last minute.

This coming weekend I am hesitant to plan a fight night for the biggest fight of the year. Del Ahoya vs. Pacquaio, which airs on Dec 6th. A big reason I use your service and have HBO is to order the bigger fights.

Clearly this is unacceptable. I have spent hours upon hours on the phone with Verizon customer service addressing not only this issue, but also billing issues. This has been an ongoing problem since I started Verizon FIOS service. I would appreciate a response to this post to address and resolve these problems.

Thank you,

- Verizon H8er ID: D6848A

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12/02/08 | 18:28PM
fios is garbage just like dsl was. the company half asses everything and cuts corners and the customer who suffers. i work for them and i dont have any verizon services....whats that tell ya.lol

- Verizon H8er ID: 31E842

06/15/09 | 2:08AM
Boxing ia rigged anyway - you should go get a book at the library instead of wasting your time watching two grown men pummel each other. I bet you think wrestling is real too and believe in the easter bunny

- Verizon H8er ID: E1998D

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