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12/05/08 | 0:29AM

About two years ago, I downgraded to the cheapest monthly charge for my land line. Over time, it creeped up. Last year, there was a new montly charge for over $4.00. When I called, I was informed that was for "NOT using my long distance."
When probed, the Rep informed me that I was offered to not receive this service via a piece of literature in my monthly statement."Who reads those pieces of paper?" Well, s/he said, "We used to call, but people don't like to be interupted live."
Charge removed. But got me thinking - I took the time to read my bill, call, wait, and wait.
What about those that don't? Multiply that by their land line users here in NY.
Which brings me to today's bill. On a $14.00 bill, $12.00 in finance and tax cahrges.
Here are the two new surcharges:
$1.00 for 911 and $1.28 for the MTA.
WHAT? Enough.
Time to disconnect the land line and join my son and the rest of the youth.
Reach me via email or cellphone.
And, yes, I would NEVER buy any other verizon service ever.

- Verizon H8er ID: BD066F

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12/05/08 | 0:34AM
You need to tell others in day to day conversations. That is the "best" advertisement for VZ. Spread the news !!!!!!

- Verizon H8er ID: 4D1F02

12/05/08 | 0:41AM

- Verizon H8er ID: BD066F

12/29/08 | 16:41PM
i would recommend Vonage or some similar service. Vonage works great in conjunction with it-- i pay $24.00 for unlimited calls in north america.

no, i dont work for vonage-- im suggesting this because there may be a correlation between cell phones and brain tumors. it was discovered recently (im too lazy to surf for a source) that there is a startling coincidence the side of the head where brain tumors occur and the ear most used for cell phone conversations.

- Verizon H8er ID: 83B402

12/29/08 | 16:42PM
im sorry-- i edited my previous message but didnt proofread it.

vonage works in conjunction "with HIGH SPEED CABLE" is what i meant to say.

- Verizon H8er ID: 83B402

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