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12/11/08 | 20:52PM
Thanks for this site

Having just got off the phone with a wonderfully pleasant Verizon manager (Adam was his name), I am really glad that I found this site. Having canceled my Verizon service 6 months ago because I wasn't happy with it. Two months ago my wife started getting very strange looking bill - which we thought looked like fakes. After spending a very frustrating day trying to get a hold of a live person I was finally told that "Oh yes you needed to carry out extra steps to cancel all your services, its your fault you owe us" While I think that Comcast also bears some culpability in this the completely smug way that Verizon deals with things only makes me madder. I do have verizon wireless through my company - but I will be changing and I am going to see if I can push my company to stopping their contract.

- Verizon H8er ID: FA2CA8

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12/12/08 | 10:42AM
I'm sorry to hear about your problems with Verizon. I have Verizon Wireless also and have been in euphemistically aggravating situations before also. Even if your company doesn't switch providers, I think I still might be able to at least help you lower your company's Verizon bill, however. If your company does switch like you did, you still might be able to further slash both your and your company's cell bills. I found a very effective route to wireless savings through the website www.fixmycellbill.com (by a company called Validas) that on average currently saves T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and US Cellular customers 22 percent, equating to $484 annually, off their cell bills. I personally save $230 per year through Validas and I have been so impressed with these real results that I recently took a job with the company.

Here's a quick breakdown of how it actually works. Validas analyzes your online cell bill for free and calculates how much money you could be saving. It turns out that eight of ten wireless customers are paying more than they need to for their plans. Validas fixes these discrepancies by tailoring a customer's plan to fit their specific needs. If you choose, Validas provides your personalized cell bill adjustment report that is emailed, for five bucks, to your wireless provider in industry specific format so you can actually implement these cash saving changes. If Validas can save you more than $5 on your bill, this obviously provides a very cost effective solution.

Validas is rapidly gaining a reputation as the preeminent advocate for the wireless customer. Check out a feature about the company on The Big Idea with CNBC's Donny Deutsch at http://www.cnbc.com/id/22782456/. Any cell subscriber who wants to cut costs should consider Validas. It’s free to consult and you only stand to save.

Good luck on reducing the cell bills.


- Verizon H8er ID: D3C642

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