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12/18/08 | 21:04PM
Pay for no service

I spoke to Verizon about a laptop card that could no longer connect. I had the card for over 3 years. They would tell me it was working after sepnding countless hours on the phone with them- it did not begin working. THen they told me I was out of coverage area- which was downtown Minneapolis. I am from Chicago, these are fairly metropolitan areas, so I don't know what in range cities would be. After finally coming ot the conclusion that they just can't get me connected, the tech on the phone agreees to cancel my service (really great help) and no more billing to come. The problem was, this jack ass I spoke to put in his notes that my early termination fee would be waived, even though after two years, no contract, and the service NOT WORKING!! he would be kind enough to waive a early term fee! So, he lied to me, put different notes into his system, and another two months of bills came. Now, after calling them again, I was directed to a resolutions department (what a joke) to some idiot named Jeanette #8145 that claims I had service, even though she told me that she could see no kilobytes had been transferred. I asked her "Where does it say in the tech notes that my service ever began to work again" she told me that did not matter because she only work off the notes she has. Therefore, Verizon will put whatever notes suit them for later in the program so they are in a defensive position later. To add insult to injury they claim an 18% interest rate on top of it for a service that did not work! This is without a doubt the worst customer service company in the world. Verizon representatives told me the service did not work, verified it with theri own system, and still claim I owe them!!!! Do not buy a Verizon product ever!!!!!!! I will now have to defend myself against a collection agency. Merry Christmas Verizon. Thank God I can call people on a system that works like ATT.

- Verizon H8er ID: 428311

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12/19/08 | 19:17PM
its time all verizon customers who are unhappy to revolt against this nazi run company.

- Verizon H8er ID: 5B750E

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