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12/23/08 | 16:28PM
verizon lies

So like I bought the insurance for my phone when I got it. (I also got the least expensive, least featured phone because I didn't want ANYONE to want it but me). The antannae breaks off. Cool. I use the insurance, pay the freaking deductible and get a brand new phone. Then a couple months later my phone drops out onto the street by a car and I don't discover it until the next morning and it just happened TO RAIN. Phone NO worky. I call Verizon Asurion, they say they don't cover water damage and my best bet is to buy a new phone. So I go to Verizon store and check out the phones, the LEAST expensive phone (non-featured fugly phone) is $179. Are you freaking crazy? So this is what I get for being a customer, and paying for insurance? So a friend tells me I just need to buy a Verizon phone. I go to pawn shop buy a $30 cheapo and bingo - does not work. I buy another $25 phone on Craig's list and it's perfect BUT gets stolen on the same day at my night job. Then I buy another $25 phone off Craig's list and it will last for like an Hour on a charge. So $80 lighter, I've barely used my phone in six months waiting for "the upgrade eligibility" in March 2009. So yesterday, (I'm hella tired of paying every month, cross that, when I can, for a phone I don't even use) I called Verizon to see how much it would cost me to ummmm... yeah folks "early terminate." $85 ok not so bad. Wait. It gets better. I owe $137 for this billing cycle and I'll owe about one hundred some for the next (but they'll de activate the phone for me now, thank you Verizon folk) and it will totally be deactivated on January 18. Wooohaw! In addition, the Verizon rep says but your insurance covers water. (Ummm, how does that help me now. I told here Asurion told me no water damage and I said I don't know why but maybe it's because I had just gotten a new phone because the antannae broke off) So in total approx 300+. Otherwise I'd have to pay monthly until July. Verizon thou SUCKETH.

- Verizon H8er ID: 6DF765

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