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12/29/08 | 15:58PM
im not convinced...

recently, i took my mom to the mall to get her set up with internet service. we ended up signing up for it at a Verizon Wireless kiosk. my mom knows nothing about surfing the web, modems, etc. the poor woman just wants to be in touch with her grandkids, and search for recipes to keep us fed!

anyway, im not convinced going with verizon was a good idea. i have my own personal boycott against V because of horrendous service i had in 2004 when i paid for a month of useage, but never actually had the phone hooked up.

i phoned this morning to clear up a few questions i had about the service. i could barely understand the V attendant, who struggled with english. my questions went unanswered until i repeated them a handful of times-- and im not convinced the answers were delivered with confidence.

35 minutes on the phone for what coulda/shoulda taken about THREE MINUTES.

poor mom.

Verizon, i hate you-- you disjointed, inefficient beast. and you still owe me a month's bill and two days pay (two days i stayed home from work, without pay, and you didnt show up).

- Verizon H8er ID: BD8912

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12/29/08 | 16:09PM
call 1-800-493-9788 and complain.also,call your attorney general and senators andlet tem know problem. i worked for verizon and they do not care about the customer so i suggest to all people to complain to the right people. the p.u.c. f.c.c. so that the company will be fined and investigated. if u read these entries you will see that verizon regularly pays million dollar fines for poor service.

- Verizon H8er ID: B84023

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