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12/30/08 | 11:55AM
An Empire of Unending Evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Typos corrected)

True story: Verizon raised my landline phone rates to $60/month. I called, they said they'd give me a $17 discount every month, but only for a year. Fine, great, I said. In the very next bill, the discount was gone. October 7, 2008, I had to make FIVE phone calls to get it back:
phone call #1: "Ed" said nothing he can do, put me on hold to speak to "a supervisor," 20 minutes with no answer!
phone call #2: Computer wasted 10 more minutes of my time wading through phone menus and then disconnected me!
phone call #3: "Tara" transferred me to her "supervisor," "Lindsey," who said, after 20 more minutes, she could "do nothing," so I hung up on her!
phone call #4: "Unknown" said to call 508 551-9276 and indicate I may drop Verizon for Vonage (which is $25/month, 48-states, 24/7)
phone call #5: (to the 508 number) "Kelly" transferred me to her "supervisor," "Terry Scott," who said Verizon would reinstate the monthly discount and keep it for a year, until October 2009, and $20 off this month's bill for all the trouble I went through.

November's bill showed the discount.

On December's bill, the discount was removed.

Liars! Ass clowns! You suck, Verizon!

- Verizon H8er ID: E4D4C0

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12/30/08 | 13:36PM
i worked there.....they do not care about the employees or customers. they constantly get fined millions of dollars for not meeting fcc guidelines. vz considers that a cost of business. bottom line,switch carriers

- Verizon H8er ID: 3B466E

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