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01/12/09 | 17:44PM
If it is too good to be true..

It all started out as a simple call to Verizon for some internet service. I was shocked to find out that I was going to get the first six months free and then only have to pay $19.99 after that! I told the rep how suprising that was and his repsonse was they are trying to bring in more business and this deal was helping! First month went great! Great internet, no bill! A month or two later I got a bill for $10.28. $10.28? Well, I figured it was taxes! No big deal, that is a couple of lunches. The next month, it was $11 or so..? OK...I can handle that. It wasn't enough for me to call and wait on hold for 30 minutes. The next bill $73.72.....!??!?!!? WHAT!?!?! So i start looking at the bill descriptions - "Add Line - Residence" $42.56? "lifeline" $17.86? What is all this? Fortunately for Verizon their billing department is closed on the weekend, so I had to wait until the next weekend to call. Come to find out I was being charged for PHONE SERVICES. I suddenly got the large bill because the LOW INCOME/DISABILITY PROGRAM that I "SIGNED UP FOR" kicked me out - this program was also the reason i had those little charges in the beginning, it was a discounted rate - Strange....first of all, I never signed up for PHONE services, NOR did I ask to be put on the LOW INCOME PROGRAM (nothing wrong with having a low income, but my husbands military, I work for the state, we don't have kids, so let's just say we can buy steak and lobster dinners and extravagant purses when we want and not have to worry about the internet bill nor the furloughs that are to come for the state) I explained to them I NEVER REQUESTED PHONE SERVICES. "Yes, you did, it is all right here, and you also receieved confirmation letters." That is nice, so basically you're telling me that you can send me a letter...and if I don't respond in a timely manner then it must mean that I called and requested the service? "No ma'am, you had to call and ask for it first." WELL I AM TELLING YOU I DIDN'T CALL AND REQUEST THAT! AND I DIDN'T FILL OUT ANY FORMS! Too bad, so sad. OK THEN, I WILL CANCEL MY ACCOUNT BECAUSE IF YOU CAN JUST ADD THINGS WHEN YOU WANT AND MY WORD AND THE FACT THAT YOU HAVE NO KIND OF NOTES ON THE ACCOUNT SAYING THAT I ORDERED PHONES SERVICES WONT COUNT THEN FORGET THIS! "so you want to cancel? well you will have to pay a termination fee of $80. Or i can change your account to internet only (WHAT IT SHOULD HAVE FREAKING BEEN)." OK, then I will have to wait how long before I can cancel it then? "A YEAR." GREAT. So now, they are telling me I still have to pay for the services I DID NOT ASK FOR, if i do cancel, i'll still have to pay for what i didn't use and a cancelation fee, and then sign up with them for another year?! I am in a rock and a hard place. AND THE PRINCIPLE ON THE MATTER JUST FREAKING SUCKS! I would love to have just cancelled it, but then that leaves me internetless and $160 in the whole for something that I shouldn't have to pay for anyway. Every other company EVER that I have told " I DID NOT REQUEST THAT SERVICE" says no problem and reverses those fees. Maybe it was because I am a new customer? Maybe it was because I was late in paying the 10 and 11 dollars because i didn't expect to get a bill...MAYBE IT IS BECAUSE VERIZON SUCKS. I don't know, but my blood is boiling, and I HATE VERIZON. AHHHHHH!!!
Thanks for letting me vent since they don't have a "COMPLAINT" LINK or BOX or anything. I'm thinking I'll cancel the internet services during the first 30 days, unless there is another loop hole somewhere that won't let me....
- Lancaster, CA

- Verizon H8er ID: 28A47E

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