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01/16/09 | 20:37PM
Their Utter Arrogance

When we leave our home every winter for 4 months, I always downgrade our phone service to Measured Service, plus Voicemail, so that my business contacts can at least leave messages for me. When I looked at our new bill today, 5 weeks later, there was no indication my service had been changed. I called Verizon 3 times; the first 2 i was disconnected after the tedious prompts to indicate i needed a human being to talk to. When i finally got a person on the line, on attempt #3, she was inconsistent, telling me our phone service had been changed to my specifications on Dec 12, and that the bill clearly reflected those changes. She said she could not credit me a cent for the 5 weeks billing period since then, though she made my change effective today. i requested a supervisor, who told me flatly there was no record of my call to change service, and she too refused to give me credit for the unused phone the last 5 weeks. i asked her if she would admit that Verizon ever made mistakes, and she refused. i asked if if she thought i was lying to her, and she refused to answer. She kept saying, like a snotty robot, "Is there anything else i can help you with". She actually insisted the last time I had contacted Verizon was in Sept, about an unrelated matter. i realized after I hung up that the proof was right on the bill in front of me: This year when I made the call to downgrade our service, I had also changed my mailing address so their bills would come to us directly, instead of via the slow postal forwarding service. i then called the Dept of Telecommunications and Cable and got a wonderful gentleman who took notes, and also witnessed my realization that my changed address on the Verizon printed bill absolutely proved i had called and changed our service.

A few year ago, after several months of our Verizon service being unreliable, and many visits from the repairmen (who were nice and easygoing and kind) i called up to see when we would get credit for all the accumulated periods of interrupted service. The Verizon lady insisted there was no record of my repair calls, or of any repair service at our house and that therefore we were due no credit. They are a hateful, greedy, and arrogant company.

- Verizon H8er ID: 35A88C

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