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01/17/09 | 2:29AM
Worked there...It is awful

I used to work for Verizon Wireless circa 2003. I vowed never to give them any of my money. The whole time I worked there (6 months) I had another carrier. I spent 12 hours a day helping my customers navigate the shitty billing (overcharging) system they have. Now I am with Alltel but Verizon just bought them. I am on Alltel because of my fiancee. I was thinking of letting Verizon take over my account until I found Verizonpathetic and Verizonrape.

All I have to say to those thinking about getting Verizon wireless "service"...think again. I worked in the "Business Channel" in New Orleans. Let's put it this way we had crazy quotas that were impossible to make. They lied about having protected territories. They fired you before the six month mark so you could not collect unemployment. It was a big waste of time. They treated the sales employees like shit. I wish I had realized it earlier and I would have spent 6 months looking for another job instead of dutifully helping customers that had no other way of getting their issue resolved. I was working 12 hours a day on salary. I spent almost all of my time with irate customers.

Remember they only kept sales people for 6 months. Just long enough to learn how to commit fraud. One sales person just before I got there had 75 fraud phones on the Pepsi account. Did they prosecute this guy? Hell no. So in my opinion they were incentivzing people to commit fraud by causing people to lose their job after six months and not having the proper checks in place. 75 phones he had in his garage.

I wrote a scating letter about how idiotic the whole system was when they were about to fire me. I was smart enough to figure it all out in six months and was way smarter than anyone working there. This is a broken company that only cares about one thing...making the sale. Everything else is completely irrelevant to these people.

I know some long time employees and I think they did a good job at one point but it is clear to me that day has long past.

Verizon Wireless is now such a behemoth and all that remains of its once competent workforce are the liars and the cheats. They sent me to a week long consultative selling course but they wouldn't allow us to do this kind of selling because that would actually cause you to have ethics and not recommend products and services that are inappropriate for the consumer. Competent, honest people will not last at this company.

Do not give them your money. You will regret it. The billing stories are not isolated incidents, in my experience these were representative. I just couldn't believe how badly they were treating their business channel customers. These should have been the most prized high dollar customers and instead of keeping good employees to help them they were perpetuating this revolving door of 6 months per sales person. The whole situation is reprehensible.

- Verizon H8er ID: F33866

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02/08/09 | 0:48AM
Just an FYI, you may have a law suit. There are ony a very few categories that fit salaried status. Administrative, management, IT, and I don't remember what they call the other, but it requires specialy training, such as nursing, engineers, attorneys, etc. Unless things in the federal government have drasticallly changed.

- Verizon H8er ID: 4A5034

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