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01/19/09 | 18:01PM
Can't change billing method

I've been trying for the last four days to change my billing method to auto-pay from checking for DSL service (ie VERIZON.NET vice VERIZON.COM which is the landline "phone company". The only way to do that is on their website - you cannot do it by phone. The problem is the website doesn't work - it throws an error message after you click the submit key. I finally called the 800#, waited for SEVENTY MINUTES listening to music, and then talked to an agent. She advised that the website billpay had been down 'a few days' and that they hoped to have it up yesterday. I tried again and it's still broken.

Apparently Verizon WIRELESS, traditional PHONE, and INTERNET are three different companies, with different call centers for billing, customer support, and tech support. One group can't help if your problem is with something outside their group. I guess there's no INCENTIVE for Verizon to try and integrate their operations. They really truly suck.

- Verizon H8er ID: 8BB9D3

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01/19/09 | 18:51PM
Verizon Wireless and the traditional landline part of the business are basically two separate companies. DSL is actually Verizon landline BUT, is or at least was handled by I guess you could say an outsourced company. It used to be called VOL (Verizon on Line). The physical line is owned by Verizon and the DSL is supplied by Verizon but the billing or call centers are outsourced to INDIA. For those that don't know, DSL stands for "Digital Subscriber Line"

- Verizon H8er ID: 4D9F56

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