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01/20/09 | 21:23PM
Automated Madness and Stealing

I was a satisfied Verizon FIOS customer for several months until the day I canceled services in OCT, 08 due to moving. I had placed my cancellation order and the rep told that my account would be canceled and a box would be sent to my new address to ship out the FIOS modem. Ship out my modem and in NOV they withdraw and automated payment from my checking account. I call in to see what the deal was. They say that I haven't canceled my account and would be glad to help with that. They ensure I'd be reimbursed. A month passes by and nothing. I call and it takes me 30 mins just to get to a rep who knows what they're talking about. She tells me she'll send a check. Sometime in DEC I get money withdrawn from Verizon again. I call and am told that this was due to cancellation charges. I tell them BULL and reimburse me that as well. They say okay but I have YET to see the money. This is a total sum of $112.84 stolen from my account from Verizon. I wait ANOTHER month and call them to see where my checks are. It takes me an HOUR to talk to someone who can find my account. I was bounced around to representatives in Penn, DC everywhere but CA where I'm from. Finally I speak with someone and she says she'd reimburse me $99. WTF. She says that's all she see's on the account, I ask her to draw up when I canceled my services, says she can't, but she can reimburse me $99. I was so fed up with fighting with them so I just gave in. They say my $99 will come in two weeks. That's no guarentee. I HATE Verizon and they're customer service, they're autmated phone system and all they're incompetence.

- Verizon H8er ID: 4D7342

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