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01/20/09 | 22:03PM
Don't get Verizon FIOS!!!!

My husband and I signed up for their fios bundle. It's supposed to offer super fast internet. It did for a month and the internet is often super slow or down but we thought it was our computer...UNTIL we took the computer in to get it fixed. We found out it's only slow at our house. I call the internet tech support and they tell me that it's because the computer is too close to the wireless phone. Okay...I've always used the computer there before we got fios and we never had problems. Then one day, our phone stopped working. No dial tone whatsoever! I called their tech support. They ask for my cell phone number and said they will call me back by 6 that evening to let me know what is going on. No call from them. I waited a few days and called them back. This time they told me that the ticket was never picked up by their technical side and is still pending so she will cancel that one and open a new one and I should receive a call by the next day at 12pm. Still no call from them. I call them back and the rep tells me the same thing. The ticket was never opened and she has no idea when they can send someone out. At this point I demanded to cancel the service. Then all of a sudden, the rep tells me that a tech can be sent out today. Okay, whatever. I still didn't want to deal with this non-sense (painfully slow internet, dead phone and TV box occassionally acting up-I didn't mention this one because it's very minor compared to other problems we've been having.). I still wanted to cancel the service. Finally, I got transferred to a rep in billings. He then transferred me to a rep in cancellation department. She couldn't see anything on her screen about what had been going on so I had to explain everything over. She then offered to take 30 dollars off my bill for 6 months and will resolve the issue today. So, I decided to take the offer. BIG MISTAKE!!! I got transferred to a tech lady. She had me unplug the phone and realized it still wasn't working. She then tells me she can send someone out but it will cost me. I told her to transfer me back so I can go ahead and just terminate the account. Well, now the termination department REFUSES to waive the early termination fee (we signed on for a annual contract.) stating that I canceled the tickets (which isn't true. they never responded to the tickets and their reps canceled and opened new tickets.) and I refused to have someone sent to my house to check out what is going on. THIS IS NONSENSE!!!! I HATE VERIZON!!! WILL NEVER SIGN UP FOR ANY OF THEIR SERVICES EVER!!!! THEY ARE LIARS!!!! DON'T SIGN UP FOR VERIZON FIOS!!!

- Verizon H8er ID: 94DBD6

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01/23/09 | 9:57AM
VZ wireless modems use the same frequency as 2.4GHZ phones. That will cause issues. 2 choices, up grade your phone to 5.9GHZ, or hard wire to modem. As for the rest of the nightmare, I feel your pain.

- Verizon H8er ID: 8805FC

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