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01/22/09 | 0:05AM
bait n switch

Need to vent. I fell victim to a bundling plan. Was told repeatedly my new services would be 105 bucks and that this price wouldn't magically go up after X number of months. First bill: $176. Verizon says, well your discount credit won't show up for a few months (unable to tell me why) and that it would disappear after 12 months and that even with their discount, it would be about 30 bucks more/month than I had been sold. AND they couldn't even tell me the agent #/identification that I wanted in order to launch a formal complaint against the incompetent jerk who sold me the plan under totally false information. AND the act of calling to get the bundle and calling to inquire as to the mysterious increase in charges cost me a LOT OF FREAKIN' TIME. I HATE THEM!

- Verizon H8er ID: BC7E4A

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