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01/29/09 | 0:09AM
Can I sue Verizon???

My story starts out like any happy tale. My bundle expired and the charges went up. Being not very helpful in removing the charged I got talked into "upgrading"with Fios.Since I had Direct Tv I wanted to keep it and was told I could. So I scheduled to get the phone and internet service. Well the tech that came was not friendly at all. When he finshed the job, He checked the phone and a radio station was on the phone loud and clear. He said he had to put more padding in the filter.The radio was gone but there was no "crystal clear" connection. I saw no difference with the internet, actually DSL was faster. Now for the tale turning to horror.

Most of my family and friends live within my state but in another area code. Now the problems start. I was not able to call them because the area codes were being read as an international call. My calls could not go through. I could not call my family. I called Verizon and was on hold for hours of my life getting tickets upon tickets to solve this switch problem. This was going on for about a month! My bill comes and now I am being billed for calls to India. Sri Lanks, Phillipines. They removed the calls but here is where they scammed me. There was no bundle price because of Direct TV. Arguing with them was usless because they are all brain washed like the Jim Jones cult. Why would I keep Direct TV if I was not going to get a decent price?? So now I call DTV and work out a deal(great to deal with)

My phone switch to Asia is now fixed but I can no longer dial any of the area codes. It just kept saying "This call can not be completed as dialed" They decide it is a trunk issue. They try and try with ticket after ticket tech after tech and NOTHING is being done!! I can not use my phone. I am on hold for hours!! I get connected then get disconnected I think on purpose. I get somone in another state or a different Dept. It is a run around nightmare!!No one is helping me. It seems like every day something else would be wrong with the phone static, echoing, constant clicking like the FBI was listening to me.Finally someone was assigned the problem and really tried to get the problem fixed. No one could figure it out.I decide it's 3 months now and I want my copper back.They tell me NO!!How can they say that!! My phone does not work. My family and friends have to call me. I can only dial 800 or my area code. I decided to contact the Better Business Bureau. They were helpful and now suddenly a supervisor calls and credits my account and everyone is so nice But they still will not fix my phone. I am actually going insane but will not switch to Optonline because Verizon must fix this mess! Finally after still complaining to the BBB a supervisor contacts me about "rolling back to copper" I have done it!! But now I'm waiting & waiting, another month goes by and finally a date is set. In the middle of the night my alarm goes off. I think I have an intruder. A true horror movie now. I pick up the phone and the line is dead!! Finally everything is ok. It was verizon !! They disconnected the sevice without telling me to prepare to put the copper back! Now the tech is scheduled to come between 8-12. 2 minutes to 12 no exarration the tech shows up for a new installation. I said it is not new. You have to remove fios and put back the copper. He said he could not touch the fios. Well I went nuts!! 5 months have now passed and this guy shows up and can not take out the fios. He calls his supervisor and no one knows anything about the disconnect. I can not get in touch with the supervisor or anyone who can help. Finally I told the tech to just install the copper even with the fios box. So I now have fios equipment still there but I am back on copper and my phone works FINE!!
And the nightmare continues no dsl yet. 3 days they promise and now 1 month later with a million calls I finally have dsl since Friday.

And the nonsense still continue fighting the outrageous bills they have sent me. Hundreds of dollars in cancellation fees and for redoing the the phone. I fought and the one bill was completely knocked down but I am still waiting for the other bills with fees to be removed.

In conclusion Verizon took 6 months of my life away. I could not call my family and friends properly even when a death in the family took place! I spent hours upon hours at least 2 hours a night for 6 months calling and calling. I talked to may stupid ignorrant people and dealt with only a few helpful people. The company is too large to handle problems. You should not be transfered to another state or even India. Your state should help. They tell you to press 1 and it makes no difference because you will be bounced all over the place.You never know where you will land. You are on hold way too long and when you do get connected the person should say they can not help in stead of hanging up on you or putting you on hold! It is a HORRIBLE company with HORRIBLE customer service. You need a PHD and the noble prize to read their bills. I wish I could sue them for what they did to me. They drove me to tears and insanity but I can now actually say I fought Verizon and I won!!!

I HATE VERIZON!!!!!!!!! Do you??????

- Verizon H8er ID: 368092

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01/31/09 | 0:26AM
I feel so sorry for you, you do sound like you kept your sence of humor I cant believe how long it took I hope that the next time you go to change something you think twice Best of luck to you

- Verizon H8er ID: 497380

02/01/09 | 17:16PM
poor you- if so many people are having problems with them how do they stay in business- We are cell phone obsessed.

- Verizon H8er ID: 0BDDA8

02/19/09 | 21:54PM
i hate them so much. i called them in march of 2008 to cancel my home line and they bindles my cell and home lines instead. so, i get one great big bill that was wrong (since my home lines were to be canceled). ive spent btw lest 15-20 hrs with horribly rude verizon employees. i have a msg into my lawyer now bc they reported me to the credit agencies (i had perfect credit as far as never a late payment before they got to my reports). they are a nightmare!

- Verizon H8er ID: 8E4419

11/19/09 | 16:12PM
I just cancelled no the litigation begins. The FCC is protecting Verizon

November 12, 2009

Mr. Joel Kaufman
Associate General Counsel and
Chief, Administrative Law Division
Office of General Counsel
Federal Communications Commission
445 12th Street SW.
Washington, DC 20554

RE: Alan Stubbs
442 Harlem Ave
Pasadena MD 21122
Telephone: 410 315-8719
IC Number 09-C00105695
FOIA Control No. 2009-532

Dear Mr. Kaufman:

I am in receipt of the letter dated October 16, 2009 in which you deny my request for fee waiver associated with my FOIA request that has been pending since April 24, 2009. During the six months that my request has been pending with the FCC I believed I was in good faith negotiations with Mr. Arthur Scrutchins of the FCC. However your response appears to have failed to consider any of the information exchanged between myself and Mr. Scrutchins which leads me to believe that this was merely a delaying tactic on the part of the FCC to avoid action on my request.

My request is meant to shed light on the operation of the FCC and the inappropriate relationship with the carriers it should be regulating.

In March 2009 the New Jersey Attorney General filed suit against Verizon for the exact same issues I have experienced.

The Attorney General outlines the complaints as follows --
• Billing customers at a higher rate than the originally quoted price
• Billing inconsistent amounts for the same services
• Failure to provide promotional gifts, and
• Failure to honor requests to cancel the service.
According to Mr. Scrutchins the FCC received over 9000 complaints regarding Verizon during the most recent 18 month period. However if I want to know what these complaints entailed or what if anything the FCC did in response it will cost me $50,000. This is a very high price for an individual citizen to pay to demonstrate the incompetence of the Consumer Inquires and Complaints Division of the FCC.
The Commission is currently dealing with the issue of “Truth in Billing” in an effort to protect consumers and “to address concerns that there was growing consumer confusion related to billing for telecommunications services and an increase in the number of entities willing to take advantage of this confusion.” (Please see the table below demonstrating the extent to which Verizon has taken advantage of me.)
The specific information I am seeking is germane to this current effort and should be available to the Commission as it attempts to clarify the extent of fraudulent practices in the telecommunications industry.
As such my original request remains unfulfilled. I request all information in the possession of the FCC relating to Verizon’s deceptive practices as outlined above. Summary information will be acceptable rather than individual complaints but should include the number of complaints received and the action taken by the FCC in response to complaints in the categories shown above.
I remain concerned that the relationship between the FCC and the carriers appears to be heavily in favor of the carriers to the detriment of consumers. In particular the manner in which the Consumer Inquires and Complaints Division operates appears to be nothing more than a rubber stamp for Verizon and others to defraud consumers. In order to shed light on the operations of this component I request any and all communications (including emails) between your Agency and Verizon as well as all internal memorandums delineating how this component processes complaints and what if any safeguards are provided consumers.
This information will be used to provide insight to the Commission as it undertakes its “Truth in Billing” initiative and to the Congress on the potential failure of the FCC in responding to consumers. As such I request that the charges for this request be waived.
Since this request has been pending for 6 months I would greatly appreciate your timely action in fulfilling the intent of the FOIA in providing citizens with access to information on the machinations of the inner workings of an agency such as the FCC

Sincerely yours,

Alan Stubbs

- Verizon H8er ID: B112E9

01/14/10 | 19:30PM
they are charging me $497 and the reported to my credit, I WANT TO SUE. This has been going on since 2007, when I went to Comcast and verizon never cancelled me as I requested. I have spent 40 hours on the phone trying to resolve this. I do not owe this money and am now in collections. The amount of stress is terrible!!!

- Verizon H8er ID: 5612E7

07/23/10 | 19:43PM

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 4EEC00

08/30/10 | 15:24PM
Verizon is THE worst company in the world! I am having problems getting money put back in my bank account that they double-billed me. I'm getting ready to contact a lawyer!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: AB9D1A

09/08/10 | 15:27PM
Sue Sue Sue!!! the only way to take them down is to sue their lower backs on every single fraud they make. They don't like it, they will fight back...and spend thousands of money in the process

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 8619F1

11/12/10 | 11:05AM

A few months ago I made the decision to order Verizon's internet service. I was informed that my connection would be established at date x. On date x my service was not available. I called the company and told them about my problem. I was told that the company didn't had any information under my name. This sounded very strange to me because I spent about 30 minutes on the phone giving all the information necessary to open an account. Verizon then told me that I would need to place a new order because they didn't had any information under my name. Once more I told them that I did placed my order before, but nothing was done. After giving all my information again I was told that my service would be established on date x. Before finishing my order I insisted that something wrong must had happened with my previous order, but the company didn't payed any attention to me. On date x , as I already expected my service was not ready to be used. I called the company and informed them about my new issue. They told me that a technician would come to my house between 8:00 AM and 12:00 PM. As I already expected he showed up 4:00 pm. The problem was solved and I finally had my internet service ready to be used right? WRONG. After a couple of weeks my internet service started to show connections problems during night ( the only time I had to use the service, because I go to school during the day and worked till late night). For my surprise I received two different bills for my internet service. One from my previous order that I was told didn't exist. After having so many problems I decided to cancel my service. I was told that I would have to pay a $70 cancellation fee, I told them that I would not pay for a cancellation fee because the service was totally unsatisfactory and asked to speak with a supervisor. After 4 hours with them on the phone the supervisor told me that I would not be charged for the $70 cancellation fee. She then told me that I would be transfered into the billing department. I insisted that she remained on the line and explained all the issues to the billing department because I knew that I would need to explain the situation over and over, she agreed but after being transfered I got answered by one of the recording machines. After 5 hours on the phone trying to solve my problem I got transfered to a talking machine.
A few days later a called them once more and explained all the situation. This guy then told me that my cancellation fee would not be taken from my bill. After insisting and explaining all the issues I had with the company he then decided to take my cancellation fee away.A couple of weeks later a received a bill from Verizon stating that I owed the company $70, I called the company and explained all the situation again, the person who I talked to told me that in a few days I would receive another bill saying that my statement was $0. After a couple of weeks I received a bill from Verizon stating that my balance was $0. End of my nightmare right? WRONG.
I just received a bill from a creditor company saying that Verizon is charging me $70.
I have no energy to call verizon and I don't feel like it. Every time I call this garbage company they make me wait hours on the phone and never solve my problem. Note: I never stopped paying for my internet service before I canceled.
Should I sue Verizon?

David - Verizon H8er ID: DF2604

01/11/11 | 7:17AM
verizon sucks...we should all sue i just dont know how. im not a lawyer. listen to my story now. so i had verizon for about 18months everything was great but my friend told me that cablevision had a better deal so i called verizon just to see if i could get a discount so i didn't have to cancel their service. note there was no contract between me and verizon. so this lady on nov 19th tells me yes since you pay your bill on time your able to get a discount of $25, so I was paying $160 i figured after taxes I would pay around $140, i was happy with that so i agreed. she tells me since my monthly statement was due on the end of the month i would pay the regular bill of $160 but next month i would start getting the $25 discounts. so I went and paid my $160 thinking my next bill is gonna be a little lower. wrong i got my bill at even higher rate at $172 so i called them up their customer service sux by the way, makes me insane! so they were saying i got pro rated charges which the lady on nov 19th did not mention to me she clearly told me my bill would be $160 than $140 after that. so i called 'em day after day, they would hang up i would call again, finally after days and hours spending on the phone with this company, they transfered me to a supervisor, so the supervisor cleared the pro rated charges and i would gladly hang up and not call them again just pay the $160 and move on with my life....wrong. my next bill was $192 so i called them now and they told me they understand what im saying but they cant do anything about it. so they transfered me to a supervisor and i waited for 2 hours and finally the line was picked up and hung up on me. Im so fed up and mentally distressed that i feel insane cause of this company. i mean im really going crazy at this time. i dont no what to do! please tell me how to sue this company cause as you can see all over the internet verizon is indeed a rip off and they scam middle class people each and every day think about it if they make 1.99 of each member, they have like 80 million customers that's close to 160 million extra each month. this has to stop! i want to cancel and sue them. email me at tonyvuljaj@hotmail.com if you have a good lawyer or any advice how i can go about this!

thanks again!

verizon sux

tony - Verizon H8er ID: 8B4246

02/04/11 | 0:48AM
is anyone interested in a class action lawsuit against Verizon. If so, please let me know by posting your e-mail.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: F5F10D

02/04/11 | 0:56AM
is anyone interested in a class action lawsuit against Verizon. If so, please let me know by posting your e-mail. My email is mwgodinet@yahoo.com. They have helped themselves to my checking account for three years, they would not allow me to terminate my contract does this sound familiar? I am sick over this.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: F5F10D

11/09/11 | 2:53AM
They took $337.19 out of my checking account and because I used an electronic check to pay for it, after my account was put into cash only status, they wont turn my service back on even though they took the money from my checking account. I have been fighting with them to turn the service back on or to put the money back into my account, they wont do aether. I hate this company so much, I cant believe that they can get away with this. i'm now talking to my back to have then dispute the charges and maybe i will be able to get my money back that way.

I am very interested in suing them, but like all of us i don't know what to do about it or have the funds to do it.

here is my email: rcampos@media703.com

VERIZUCKS - Verizon H8er ID: B0CFB0

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