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01/30/09 | 0:41AM
Big Hopes, let down in a slow burn...

It all started summer of 2008 when I switched to Verizon because of a company discount I was itching to take advantage of (It ended up being a paltry $5 a month on a voice and data plan, after Verizon's interpretation).

After a slight mishap porting my phone (they got the number wrong) all was well. Two months later a $120 charge appeared on my account. I found this was due to an 'equipment charge'. Further investigation revealed I needed to sign a manual contract to get this cleared as Verizon wants me to pay the full price for a phone because I have not signed the two year agreement. Happy to do this I go to a store, no luck, the contract needs to be sent. I call back, the form is on its way to a mysterious account review group to be sent out to me. Weeks pass no contract, all I receive is calls from Financial Services asking why I am not paying that charge.

After a dozen more attempts to get a contract sent to me, months, and numerous harassing calls from financial services later, still NO CONTRACT. The same routine over and over again, I call, the Customer Service rep puts in a request to send me a contract, I recieve none.

By December, my account was temporarily suspended because of this charge!! Now the thoughts of leaving are heavy on my mind. From many conversations with Verizon reps, I should not incur an early termination fee because I never signed a contract. By my justification I will pay the full price of the phone and my service charges, ironically I am now happy to pay the $120 charge to get out, it would end up not being so simple.

After switching back to my old provider in late-December 2008, a new battle begins. More annoying calls about paying my bill (all I want to do is wait for the final bill and pay that, that's all). Too bad for me, the whammy comes, as you might expect the early termination fee is there. Verizon's arguement, I was automatically switched to a 1-year contract after not signing in 45 days My arguement, its not my fault I didn't sign the contract, it's theirs. (They later reveal to me that I supposedly never needed to sign a manual contract becasue I called in my order, they are unenthusiastically sorry I was misled by other Verizon reps).

To sum it all up, before I left Verizon the mantra was "you need to sign a contract" to get that charge off your account that's causing all the problems. After I leave Verizon the phrase is "You probably never needed to sign a contract even though we told you you needed to, now give us your money." Lack of foresight and understanding between Verizon's groups left me lost in the shuffle. Follow-up was non-existent and I was harassed, my time was wasted through their inept processes.

Now I'm left to fight this last remaining charge of a couple hundred bucks. Will I win, probably not, I'll give in to save my credit rating, a small price to pay in the grand scheme to get away from them.

- Verizon H8er ID: FA0929

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