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01/30/09 | 14:58PM
I hate verizon

Our tv freezes up and skips. Sometimes the dvr functions do not rewind or fast forward. Some times they do but you cannt control them. Our remotes have broken. First the batteries get hot and youu feel the heat coming from the back of the remote. A day or two later the remote is dead. It's not the batteries because we have tried several brands. 3 remotes are dead.
Our internet is so SLOW. Everything takes forever to go thru. At work I have verizon and that computer is slow. The only thing verizon I like is verizonwireless. Although my daughter got a new envy phone and she had it two days and it froze. But their wireless service is good

- Verizon H8er ID: 0EE192

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01/30/09 | 20:08PM
OK, first of all with their Fios service the Motorola boxes SUCK and most problems are with the box. Remember, you are on a dedicated fiber optic line so if your computer is slow more times than not it is NOT the fiber it's YOUR computer. Have a neighbor or friend bring their laptop over and see if the speed is any better. It happens but it is rare that a fiber, unless it was not cleaned properly is the issue. It could also be the wiring in your house. I'm a tech and have seen many different causes of slow computers and most are not in the fiber network.

- Verizon H8er ID: 4B8C82

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