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02/01/09 | 23:04PM

I subscribed to Verizon home phone and dsl on 12-something-08 i got the home phone just So i can have DSL. I got an email telling me taht on 12-29-08 my service would be activated. Great i thought i can start downloading all the movies and music in the world again. on 12-29 i got an email saying that on 1-3-09 my service would work :-( damnit, ok be patient. on 1-3 i got an email saying 1-7-09 my email would work >:-| you gotta be fu**ing kidding me. on 1-7-09 i received another email, guess what on 1-9-09 my service would work. Now this whole time my home phone has been working just no dsl, so i can verizon and end up talking to someone from India who can not help me in anyway other then tell me that on 1-9 my service will work. Anger!!!! so i just wait another two days. Be patient i tell myself. on 1-9-09 i get an email saying 1-13-09 my service will work. I snap i cant take this anymore its just unacceptable. I go to use my house phone to call, guess what that sh*t dosent work. WTF!!!! I call from my verizon cell phone (using mins), and again its someone in india. No help. to cut this story shorter, this happened like 4 more times. i finaly canceled and told them i wasnt going to pay for anything since nothing ever worked. Now yesterday my Verizon cell phone (venus) died for some strange reason in my pocket. wont turn on at all, unless its pluged into the wall but as soon as the plug comes out, it turns off again. Venus came out just over a year ago. a year and two months something like that. Verizon doesnt carry the battery anymore. WTF phone just came fucking out. how can you not carry in anymore. RETARDED. VERIZON FAIL. I hate verizon!!!! last time i felt this way about a company was when AOL came out when i was a teen. i would be online playing a game and all of a sudden "Good BYE!!!" wanted to stab the president of the company in the eye with a spork. i hate verizon. Thank god i dont have a contract!! going with a different company

- Verizon H8er ID: C40792

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02/02/09 | 3:50AM
You do not have to have phone service to have dsl. You can get a data line only(dryloop) which is cheaper than the combination of phone and dryloop...... that was probably the problem.

- Verizon H8er ID: 138087

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