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02/03/09 | 2:16AM
Verizon is the worst American Company

I recommend getting rid of verizon! I canceled my verizon phone service a month ago because they were constantly messing up my phone bills. They were always trying to sneak in new charges.They were adding new charges every month and sometimes they would send me 3-4 bills. I had to call them every month, waste my lunch-break, just to get them fix their mistakes. They would always apologize, but the same thing happened every month. Finally, I decided to cancel them and get service else where. Well, I paid my final bill. Some how I managed to over pay it and they sent me a check for the over paid balance. The funny thing is that the very same day that I got a check in the mail, I got a letter from an attorney that was representing verizon, and it said that I owed verizon $21.00 I couldn't believe it. I got a check and a threat from verizon on the same day. I have had service with them for years, and I always paid my bills when due. If anyone has verizon, you should watch your bills closely

- Verizon H8er ID: 17741A

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