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02/07/09 | 14:14PM
Verizon Ads

Verizon ads love to use words like best, biggest, most reliable ect. These words are meaningless and take advantage of the stupidity of Americans. What makes them better or biggest or more reliable? They don't tell the consumer any data to confirm these claims. It's like saying chocolate ice cream is the best because it's the kind of ice cream I sell and I like it. That makes no sense! My favorite line by them is about how "your tv doesn't want cable". Verizon is just a modified form of cable. An underground line comes to your house where it is de-scrambled by a box then connects to your tv via the same types of connection that a cable box uses. The claim that the picture looks better is crap because digital TV shows are just a data file. Either you get the file or you don't. Your mileage doesn't vary. Most recently, they started a new series of commercials showing a fat, slothen, bearded Irish cable guy in an apartment complex while their young, clean shaven hipster is installing FIOS while carrying around an award. Not only is this commercial racist in its portrayal of the Irish ethnicity, but is also mean spirited as it makes the cable guy out to be an idiot. Most reliable? I thought ATT had the fewest dropped calls as verified by an independent source. Biggest 3g network? I thought ATT had more subscribers than Verizon nation wide. In terms of coverage maybe not, but to be fair Verizon will use the term biggest arbitrarily when it either has more coverage or more members. And the Michael Bay commercial? Let me ask you, what is the most awesomest upload speed? Is it 5 mbps 10? 15? Why do they care so much about uploads when the majority of internet use is all downloads? Oh because it's the one thing FIOS can do better yet it matters least to most consumers. Don't even get me started on Verizon phones. Why is it that My Motorola Razor from ATT has lasted 2 years yet everyone I know who has had it from Verizon both hates it and as had it break at least once? Because the phones are not the same!!! It's like buying a Samsung tv that's exclusive to Walmart. It's not the same quality tv that you could buy in another big box retailer. Enough with your undefined ads Verizon! Give us some data to back up your claims! Stop making ethnic disparity part of your attempt to make Comcast look bad! Oh, and stop sending reps to peoples homes telling them they need FIOD service for the TV transition even if they already have cable!!! Stop lying!!!

- Verizon H8er ID: 48F3A0

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02/07/09 | 20:48PM
I LOVE those TV ads. Not racist at all. You delve too deep. Get a life. Oh and by the way, Verizon wireless is a whole separate company from the landline business so who cares about the lousy cell phones. OH, that's right......YOU do.

- Verizon H8er ID: 0A58D1

02/16/09 | 16:23PM
The fact that all you could do was to say get a life proves that you aren't even intelligent enough to debate the issue. Had you maybe denounced my ramblings point by point, I may have listened for a moment. Unfortunately, you didn't even read my post thoroughly as you claim that Verizon wireless and land line are separate companies. I don't remember posting anything saying that I was complaining only about one or the other. Both companies carry the Verizon name if they are one company or not. Also, this is a site for those who hate Verizon for one reason or another and want some sort of public forum to express their frustrations. YOU HAVE NO PLACE HERE IF YOU WANT TO DEFEND THEM!

- Verizon H8er ID: 48F3A0

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