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02/08/09 | 0:45AM
Verizon not loyal to its customers

My daughter was on my plan. She went to switch herself on to her husband's plan. Her number was authorized as a switch. At the kiosk, the sales rep presented it as a cheaper option to add a new line. My daughter thought they were transferring her line to her spouse's and then a number change. She specifically asked if the old number was cancelled or able to be cancelled. She is not business/greed savvy. The rep said, certainly, never informing her that it would cost me an early termination fee. They did this the day before they moved as he ETS'd from the military (got out). They were moving the next day. I was told that due to the binding contract (which is THEIR contract that THEY can make exceptions to benefiting the customer), they couldn't help me. I've paid them thousands of dollars, and they are going to charge me an early termination fee. I can afford the fee, that's not the point. As I told the Verizon supervisor, it sounds like a bait and switch. The manager was rude and condescending. In my area, there is limited cell coverage. They have people over a barrell. Alltel is no longer an option now either, is it? What happened to businesses taking care of their customers? It's sad that business is no longer honorable.

- Verizon H8er ID: 1D2427

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02/25/09 | 7:50AM
it's part of the contract YOU signed. and another part is that verizon holds the right to change the contract. be smart and read the contract and quit your crying.

- Verizon H8er ID: 3ECE27

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