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02/21/09 | 3:23AM
worst company ever

I have had verizon for 1 year, 11 months and 2 days. I am completely unsatisfied with their phone they gave me for free when I joined my moms family plan made by motorolla. I have replaced the battery 2 times and now it once again is completely fried. They try to blame this on me by saying i charged the phone too long which is not true. the truth is that the batteries on all cell phones now are made to be extremely shitty. They put tons of needless features on your phone and purposefully make the battery shit so you have to spend 40 bucks to replace it or live with your phone that dies after 3 minutes of talking. I went in to a verizon store to try to upgrade my phone for free (solely for the purpose of getting a new battery for free). They tried to sell me a bunch of bullshit like they get paid on commission and are fucking dicks who must hate their lives. Unfortunately you cannot upgrade your phone in the store for free, they only carry phones that you can upgrade to for a cost. This therefore defeated my plan of getting a free battery by getting a free upgraded phone. They said you can only upgrade your phone online. I asked can't we do that here at the store? I'm sure they have internet but they said no. So I've spent the last hour and a half going in circles on the verizon website. I was only trying to upgrade my phone for free (like they said you could do online) but unfortunately you can't. they make you create a bullshit account. each form that you send sends you to a 404 page 33% of the time which is quite annoying since you have to go back and re-enter the information multiples times. Then after exausting every button and link and search for free upgrade I discovered that its total bullshit and you cant do it online. So if you cant upgrade for free online or in the store, does a free upgrade really exist? At this point I dont even care anymore. I'm counting down the remaining days on my contract with my piece of shit phone so i can cancel it and start fresh with another company. Verizon has ok service, but as far as customer service, consumer friendly website, quality of the phone, and complete bullshit they make you suffer through I have to agree that it is the worst of the worst. A for profit company that profits from your suffering and ensnares you into a contract like a lamb into the slaughterhouse. If you are reading this chances are you've had a bad experience or many bad experiences with verizon. I don't have the balls to kill their ceo, or to vandalize their stores but I implore any of you crazies out there to do so. Treat them the way they have treated you. They raped you in the butt with a steel wool condom on and its time someone hit them where it hurts.

Fuck verizon, Fuck its workers, and fuck any customers they have who say otherwise.

- Verizon H8er ID: E006D1

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02/25/09 | 7:46AM
if your cheap ass never took a free phone in the first place you wouldnt be in this situation. you want a free phone, expect it to break. be logical about it.

- Verizon H8er ID: A71703

03/14/09 | 1:52AM
just like just about any other type of electronics you get what you pay for 1st off... and yes, as you said Verizon Wireless is a "for profit" company so just like everything else in the world cost go up for them to. If you want to complain about the cost of phones com[plain to the people that make the phonesand SELL them to verizon wireless... Cellphone companys dont make their money from the phones its from the service hence why they ask you to sign a contract on that new phone, this holds true for just about any cellphone company not just verizon wireless

- Verizon H8er ID: 2AB57F

03/19/09 | 3:31AM
If they don't make money off the phones why are you required to sell high priced handsets to get commissions?

Utter BS.

- Verizon H8er ID: 5531FE

05/14/09 | 20:06PM
dumbass its the phone not the company

- Verizon H8er ID: EEC07E

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