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02/25/09 | 23:57PM
This is so bad.

I moved to a house in San Francisco on January 7 th, 2009. Since that date, I have had no service or poor service depending on where I am standing in the house. My roommate experienced the same problem with his verizon service years ago and ended up having to pay the ENTIRE termination fee. I was told that I had to jump through a bunch of hoops in order for them to determine if I was able to break my contract WITHOUT paying an early termination fee (which is now prorated, woohoo). But...I had to call them on a different phone. Well, just like many other people, my cell phone is my only phone. This has been the case for years with no problems until now. I had to wait days until I could borrow another phone to use. I called them and explained the situation AGAIN. I was told that my phone was programmed incorrectly. So, we took care of that problem. She tried to call me on the cell phone while I was in my home. The phone did not even ring, as ususal. I was then told that Verizon would not send out a person to access why I was not getting service because "Verizon does not guaruntee service inside structures." Hmm, that's frustrating seeing as how everyone uses their cell phones for everything these days. But...I can purchase some sort of antenna type thing for my home and then I might get service. I can purchase that for $250. Thanks, but no thanks. I ask about my other options. Well, Cynthia tells me that my phone is quite old. Although I only bought the phone about a year ago, it may have been made three years ago. Verizon offers to give me an early upgrade. I just need to look online to decide which phone that I want. It cannot be an "old" phone however because that may be part of the problem. The next day I call Verizon to discuss phones. I am talking to the guy about prices. I find out that I have to pay $20 to get this early upgrade. Whaaaatttt??? I need to have a phone with certain features. These happen to be the more expensive phones. So basically, they are telling me that I will be spending close to $200 for a new phone that MIGHT work in my house. And I would be signing another 2 year contract. After telling them how much I hate them and that I was disappointed with the lack of service I received while traveling in Mexico, eventhough I PAID EXTRA to get roaming service while traveling. In speaking with other travelers, I learned that at&t and Cingular customers received service in Mexico. So, in the end, it was CHEAPER for me to pay the $95 to terminate my Verizon contract early then to get an early upgrade and sign the 2 year agreement that came with that. Needless, to say I was so angry at the lack of customer service provided to me by Verizon Wireless.

- Verizon H8er ID: 028FE1

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03/25/09 | 6:59AM
Yeah people get made that the radio waves cannot penetrate through certain structures. Guess they should make better radio waves. Wow, going to give you an early upgrade? One year pricing plus twenty bucks, instead of full retail? They are such jerks!!! And this American company does not have good service in Mexico? Really? Serious? Ok.

- Verizon H8er ID: 110072

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