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03/02/09 | 16:51PM
bundled and raped

In late December 2008, I called to create bundled service for my home, adding internet and Direct TV to my existing phone account with Verizon. I was told by the cheerful sales associate that I would receive these services at about $110/mo. I specifically asked if the price was ever scheduled to go up and was told that it was a permanent price. I specifically asked if I was locked into any particular length of time for the services. I was told no. I asked again whether I could change or disconnect services without penalty and was told that I indeed could at any time without penalty.

My first month’s bill was over $170. I called Verizon’s “customer service” I put those words in quotes because it took me about half an hour to get to a human being. This person told me that my services were simply more expensive than I had been previously told because the original sales associate had simply not known the correct pricing and that the “Bundle Discount” often takes 1-3 months to take effect. I was also told that the discount would only be in effect for 12 months--news to me. At no point in this conversation or in the conversation with the original sales associate was I informed that any action on my part was necessary to receive this bundle rebate. I was cheerfully assured my bill would go down next month.

On my next month’s bill (Feb. 2009), I was charged even more---200! I called Verizon and was kept on hold for about 15 minutes a nice lady in India came on. She cheerfully took off $30.21 from my bill for un-authrorized charges (on-demand games, Show Plays and a security option I had never ordered). I told her I had never ordered any such items. She said that sometimes customers become “automatically enrolled” if they open emails from Verizon. If so, this is an illegal practice.

She transferred me to the phone service department to handle the rest of the disputed charge. After 10 minutes, a lady with an American accent answered, took my brief description of problems and then said please hold. After 15 more minutes, a gentleman from India answered from the DSL department. After finding out that I had been redirected to the incorrect department again, I asked him to stay with me until he successfully got me on the line with the phone department (which apparently handles all bundle service issues). It took him more than 20 minutes to successfully connect—we were disconnected three different times during this intra-company call! During that time he said repeatedly that he had no idea how difficult his own company was to deal with and that he now understood so many people’s frustrations.

Once finally on the line with the correct department, I was told the problem was easily fixed—that a rebate on my account had never been activated. Daryl Walker, the gentleman helping me, asked if I had been told that I needed to sign up with Direct TV directly for my rebate. I said no, I had not. He gave me a courtesy credit for about 30 bucks and stayed with me as he connected me to Direct TV in order to activate the rebate. He was extremely professional and helpful. At this point, the Direct TV people told me that my 60 day period to activate my rebate had ended AND that I was locked into a 2 year contract with a $20/mo early termination penalty!!! This was the first I had ever been informed of these terms!

I am absolutely furious. The ineptitude of the person who originally set up my account has cost me a lot of money and a lot of time on the phone. I never would have bought my bundle if I had known the cost or the almost criminally irresponsible Verizon Customer Service. The $34.99/mo rebate x 12 months equals $419.88 that was stolen from me. I say stolen because at no point did any Verizon employee tell me that any action was required of me to achieve any “rebate”. I was sold a Verizon bundle quoting a price that included the rebate, but the sales associate NEVER told me that this depended on my “activating” the rebate within 60 days. Additionally, Verizon charged me $30.21 for internet services I did not authorize on my Feb. 2009 bill. These have been removed as a credit, but it took me an hour on the phone to have it fixed.

Most of all, I am furious that I was lied to by the Verizon representative who set up my bundled account who repeatedly and confidently told me there was no length-of-service contract involved. I am now locked into 2 years of Direct TV service at a price I would never have agreed to.

- Verizon H8er ID: 801016

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06/06/09 | 14:29PM
Wow!!! That is exactly what has happened to us. What was the outcome and have you figured out a way to break free from verizon with no penalties?

- Verizon H8er ID: DAA790

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