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03/03/09 | 19:32PM
Router problem...

So our expensive Verizon FiOS was acting up, with only intermittent service. After weaving through their awful phone menu I finally talked to a technician who identified the problem as a defective router and sent us a new one. We installed the new router and, as there was no instruction on what to do with the old one, we threw it away (didn't think it was worthy of donating to Goodwill). The new router worked fine. So far, so good.

A couple of months later we get a charge for $150 on our credit card, with no explanation as to why. Trying to get help online was useless, as there was no phone number linked to the FiOS account, we never got a paper bill with an account number, and--get this--the wireless support guy I finally talked to on the phone didn't even know what FiOS was! That clown gave me a different phone number to contact, but when I called it and waded through the menu and waited on hold, I found that it was the wrong number and was transferred to someone else. This cycle repeated itself, no joke, 4 times in a row. In all, it took over 2 hours to get some real answers.

Finally, when I got to talk to the right guy, he said the charge was because we didn't send back the defective router, though they claim they told me to do so at the time I originally called. Maybe they did and I forgot, I'll concede that, but I have absolutely no recollection of such instructions. And I know they didn't tell me it would cost me anything extra if I didn't return it, or I would have definitely made a note to do so (I've had dealings with them like that in the past, I know how greedy they are). Besides, wouldn't you think they would put a reminder in the package containing the new router? Not only did they not do that, they didn't provide anything to ship the bad router in or a return mailing address.

So the guy asked where the router was, and I said "I threw it out, so it's probably in a landfill somewhere by now." He said (I kid you not) "Can you get it back?"

Adding insult to injury, when I asked to get a monthly paper bill in the mail henceforth, they said no, period.

Bottom line--I think they deliberately try to deceive people like that because they don't want to fool around with defective equipment but want YOU to pay for it. Furthermore, I think they deliberately make their website and phone menus obtuse and circular to try and discourage customers from following through on complaints. They'd rather we shut up, hang up, and pay whatever they feel like charging us.

We're moving in a few months. Rest assured, our new home will NOT have Verizon for ANYTHING. And as soon as our wireless phone contracts are up, we're switching to someone else (we've had issues with them, too, but that's for another day). I'm sure other companies have their problems, any big company will, but who could be worse than these avaricious bandits?

So help me, if I ever see that "Can you hear me now?" goofball in person, without warning I'll walk up to him, punch him in the face, and break those dopey glasses! (Hey, I gotta find SOME humor in all this.)

- Verizon H8er ID: 2DFA6D

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03/24/09 | 19:15PM
Watch out for continued billing when you move. I moved in July '08 and they continued to bill me for two months and I'm still trying to resolve the issue. I returned all the equipment and even got a refund check from them for an overpayment. Then they started sending new bills...???...I called the various customer lines only to be told it would be taken care of....in late February I started getting notices from collection agencies for TWO different bills from Verizon. I'm not sure where to turn at this point.

- Verizon H8er ID: 098146

03/25/09 | 6:51AM
I've had things that had to be replaced by Verizon that they sent me via mail. They didn't tell me that I had to return the equipment either (I don't think). However, the return shipping label for FedEx and instructions on returning it made it clear that it needed to be returned. Maybe next time look and see what else is in the box. I could call and tell them that my phone is defective (and it is not) get a new one and have two working phones and they aren't going to care? Really? Are you serious? They were probably going to fix it.

- Verizon H8er ID: 75599F

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