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03/09/09 | 7:27AM
food for thought

you know, reps are people too. i don't even work for verizon but i do work for one of their competitors. i understand that people get mad about mistake on their bills, dropped calls, broken phones, but 90% of the time it isn't the reps fault. mistakes do happen and things do get messed up. coming into a store, and yelling and being rude to someone who you dont even know and then expecting them to go completely out of their way and smile to help you just doesnt make sense. i know a lot of you think "well thats your job" but just because you can yell at someone doesn't mean you should. if i went out to eat and the waiter made a mistake, i wouldnt belittle him infront of everyone because i could. that would be wrong. are any of yall perfect? probably not. ive had a $600 cell phone bill before. what did i do? i went to the store and remained calm and asked what they could do to fix it. and guess what? they fixed it. now what do you think would have happened if i went in there raising hell? people also think that reps can just hand out money and give away free phones. that's not the case. reps have standard operating procedures that they have to follow. we could lose our jobs if we just handed out free phones. now im not trying to get into politics and the economy but im not going to lose my job over someone who washed their phone and now wants a free one. would you? another thing to consider is remembering the rep who set everything up for you. ask for a business card, that way if something does go wrong, you go back to that specific store and see that specific rep and they can fix the problem. i know this might sound selfish and like i give horrible customer service, but there;s nothing more frustrating to a rep than fixing another reps problem. they got the commission, and then you give the problem to someone else. wouldn't you rather talk to the person who made the mistake than somebody else? and i know some might think "why would i go back to the same guy? he messed up once! why should i think that he won't mess up again?", and thats a valid point. but remember we are human and mistakes do happen. now on the subject of the contract with verizon that you sign, be sure to read it before you sign it. why would you ever ever ever sign a contract with out reading it?? all stores carry a paper copy of the contract that you are signing, ask to read it. legally most people dont have a chance fighting verizon because they signed a legal binding 2 year agreement. and yes, a verbal agreement is legally a contract. so dont complain about a $175 early termination fee, it's apart of the contract. now on to phones. Why do you think a phone would be free? probably because its a cheap pos. makes sense doesnt it? verizon wouldnt just give away free phones because theyre nice like that. theyre not a nonprofit organization. so be warry of free phones. theyre free for a reason. in closing some people on this site do have valid arguments and good points, but most seem to just be bitter. im not trying to belittle your situation but just reminding you to be patient. if you are so pissed that you want to leave, perfect! come visit me, i'll gladly take customers away from verizon, but its nothing personal to verizon, it's just business. and before you come into the store or call a rep, remember, we're people too. would you want someone talking like that to your mother, son, dad, dughter, or yourself like that? hate the company all you want, but dont make it personal with the rep.

- Verizon H8er ID: C81A5C

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04/05/09 | 0:53AM
Those who serve evil are evil themselves. If you work for a corrupt company and know it, regardless of circumstances, you deserve whatever you get.

- Verizon H8er ID: 2E29C0

04/21/09 | 7:40AM
did you really refer the verizon reps as "evil"?

- Verizon H8er ID: C81A5C

05/14/09 | 18:54PM
i agree with the post the comments made about evil sound like a bible thumper this is bussness not church

- Verizon H8er ID: A2E4FE

07/02/09 | 19:44PM
lady, i am assuming you never tried dealing with verizon from the customer's stand point. keep dreaming. stay in your little world because you could never survive in the real verizon one. hell is too good for the likes of verizon.

- Verizon H8er ID: 4E2909

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