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03/16/09 | 21:53PM
Please Help, Verizon Business line trouble

Ivan,My name is Mike Marthaller Sr. I an the owner of American Towing In Everett Washington. I have had Verizon phone service here for more than 3yrs. We noticed we were having trouble with our phone service on 2/5/09.I called in to my night dispatch and got one ring and the just dead air. We had been receiving a lot of hang up calls prior to this. I thought to myself "maybe these aren't hang up calls we are receiving. Maybe these are lost call's. We didn't have caller ID here at the time so there was no way of knowing who these calls were coming from. On 2/6/09 My manager called into Verizon to advise them of this issue. They said they would be sending a tech out. We received a call from your tech support crew who advised they were checking the lines. They had found no problems. We were still getting the hang ups at that time. A repair ticket was ordered #WADY00W7RS2/6/09 Your repair tech Danielle Anderson came out to check the FIOS equipment and stated all of Verizon's equipment seemed fine, She replaced all of the wires from the box into the office thinking it could be a building wire issue. Problem solved and that we should call if any more trouble occurred. (she was very helpful) 2/9/09 We called Danielle again and told her we were still having issues. She was on another call then and said she would be out when she finished. She returned to our office with another tech and they determined it was our phone system and it needed to be replaced. I went to staples and purchased a new system $200.00. This didn't solve the problem either. 2/9/09 My manager Veronica called in to Verizon and requested caller ID so we might know who was calling and we could actually call them back if their call was dropped. We told your operator Skye about what we were told by Verizon about caller ID to the switch line and that we were told it wouldn't work that's why we couldn't have it previously. Skye said well it will be operational in the next 24hrs. (again another very helpful person at Verizon) 2/10/09 Another call into Danielle about calls being dropped over the weekend. She said they were still working on the issue. 2/11/09 Another call into Danielle to let her know the calls are still being dropped.2/11/09 Another call into Danielle to let her know we had just lost a POLICE call2/11/09 I called into my office and the call was dropped. Danielle was notified 2/12/09 Leslie with Verizon testing dept. called and told Veronica there were programming changes to the switch line.2/12/09 Danielle called and asked us to call the other numbers to make sure it was only the main switch number that was having trouble. 2/12/09 Dick's Towing called and the call was dropped. They called back thinking this could have been a dialing issue n their part, Veronica asked them which number they had called. They told us it was the 425-355-7212 number. 2/13/09 A call was dropped twice from the same number within one min of each other.2/13/09 Danielle advised us to call 1-800-483-1000 and ask for a supervisor in the hopes of expediting this repair. Rose answered the phone and Veronica asked her if she was a supervisor? She said no. Veronica asked to be transferred to a supervisor. Adrian answered the phone. Veronica asked if she was a supervisor? She said no. Veronica was put on hold, Greg then answered the phone, Veronica asked are you a supervisor? he said no but asked for the repair ticket info to help in the process. She gave him the number and he said it didn't exist. Veronica said I wish to speak with a supervisor, Greg became very agitated and put her on hold. Columbus came on the line and told Veronica he was a supervisor and would try to help with the problem. "thank god" Veronica asked Columbus if she could get his direct line so if they were disconnected she could reach him again. he said he was in the Dallas Texas office and his number was 972-791-6104 "he was very helpful" After 45 mis. of just trying to reach a supervisor.After numerous calls to and from Columbus during the hours of 5pm and 8:40pm he informed Veronica he was leaving early and that our phones should be up and running with no more dropped calls. I was calling Veronica also for updates. I was very upset that we were still having issues and had called our 425-355-7212 number to find a recording that our number had been disconnected. I freaked out. as this is our only form of income is by receiving phone calls for Towing. Veronica was no longer able to handle the issue due to being so stressed out she didn't want to go off on anyone on the phone and turned it over to me. 2/14/09 I spent my Saturday at the office answering the phones. only 3 calls recorded all day.2/14/09 @1:43pm Eddie from Verizon called and stated he was testing the lines AGAIN and issued another repair ticket #WADR01V3MZ2/14/09 @2:10 pm Verizon called and stated they would send a tech out on 2/15/09 "Sunday" mind you 2/15/09 Another tech Robert Tindoll came out and again replaced all of the wires and jacks into our building citing high EMF's where Danielle had placed the new jacks and wires. This didn't fix the issue. So he called in and advised the copper line dept. he was finding trouble with the line. They told him they were sending out a copper line tech on Monday 2/16/09 between 8am and 5pm 2/16/09 I waited all day for the tech who NEVER showed up. 2/17/09 Robert called and said Verizon was still working on the issue. 2 dropped calls as of this time today.2/17/09 @2:23pm A Verizon rep called and said our issues had been resolved and asked if we would hold the line while she dialed in to check to see for sure. Her call was lost. We went back to her on line 2 and she said "what happened?" Dropped call. She said she would get on it. 2/17/09 I called for a Customer service manager and was put on hold while they transferred me. Hung up on me. At 4:33pm I called again to speak with a Customer service manager and was put on hold. 45mins I was on hold this time before they hung up on me. 2/18/09 @ 3:02pm Danielle called to see how it was going. Told her still having issues. She said she would call to see if there was any way to get this moving again.2/18/09 Enhanced call forwarding called said they were working on it. Deb going to look at ticket will call back tomorrow. 2/19/09 @ 08:33am I called Verizon and was informed our repair ticket # WADY007W7RS had been closed without the problem being corrected. But a new ticket was issued #WADY007W7RS Pat the supervisor said she was on top of the situation. I thanked her. 2/19/09 @ 08:40am Verizon called and said they were working on it and that this was all totally out of hand now and that she was turning it over to her supervisor. 2/19/09 @09:18am Deb with Verizon said she is putting me on hold to see what happens, line 2 rang twice then stopped at 09:21. Deb called verifying line 2 @ 425-257-3199 and told me it was working. At 09:23 Deb called line 1 at 425-257-3250 and was placed on hold. she called again and was rolled over to the hunt line and went thru. Went back to line 1 no one there. Deb called 425-355-7212 @ 09:27 and argued that the reason she was dropped was because line 2 was on hold. 2/19/09 @ 09:56 Deb testing again and stated the trouble was fixed but she would keep the repair ticket open for 24hrs.2/19/09 @ 1204pm the number 425-923-1171 attempted 3 calls that were dropped before getting thru. the number 425-923-3571 attempted 2 calls that were dropped. Veronica called 800-483-4246 which is the number Deb gave as a call back and asked for Deb. "No one here by that name " Veronica gave the ticket number to the operator and a miracle happened, Deb came on the line.She was informed of the dropped calls. 2/19/09 @ 1:18pm Veronica called Verizon George answered and turned her over to Deb. Informed Deb of more dropped calls at 1:03pm2/19/09 @ 3:38PM I called Verizon and spoke with George. He rerouted me to the central office where I WAS PROMPTLY HUNG UP ON.2/19/09 2 3:45pm I called the Dallas office and asked for Columbus, Steve (supervisor) said he would contact Columbus and see what was up and would call me back in 30 Min's. HE NEVER CALLED BACK. 2/20/09 @ 09:15 I called Verizon at 972-791-6104 and spoke with Bernard, he called advanced call forwarding center. He said he would call back when he was informed of what was up. (Another very helpful Verizon employee)2/20/09 I spoke with Lori at 1-800-483-4246 Advanced call center. She sent this over to the escalations desk. 2/20/09 @10:50am Pat called and said another ticket opened and that it was a fiber problem.2/20/09 @ 10:51am Pat called again with ticket # WADR01VV4F2/20/09 @12:43PM Ed called from Verizon at 425-252-1395 and stated that they had found some equipment problems and routing problems. He believes the issue is fixed and said the ticket would remain open thru the weekend. just in case we had more issues. 2/23/09 @08:23 Ed called and advised us that we were not the only ones with these issues and that there was mis programming on other lines as well as our own. This had happened a long time ago in the enhanced call forwarding center in California and our problems should be over now. 2/24/09 @11:51 We put in a call for a customer service manager. After an hour run around on the phone the billing dept. came on the line to inform me I would be getting a refund for the amount of $43.71 for our troubles. I SAID WHAT? So what about the ten's of thousands of dollars of revenue I have lost due to the calls not coming in? Sorry sir we aren't responsible for that. We keep call logs here at the office during office hours.we have logged approx 300 dropped calls. We work for our local and state police dept's. Private citizens and repair facilities. This malfunction has caused a near bankruptcy so far in my small business. I have had to let go my 2 drivers and have been doing this all by myself as a driver for more than 8 months 24/7 due to the lack of work because our calls were not coming thru. I have lost at a minimum $40,000 and could actually be upwards of $100,000 and this is not the phone company's problem? I pay my bill, you provide the service which enables me to pay my bill and the rest of my bill's. I have never been one to whine, but when I am so close to closing the doors on something I have worked my whole life for I think I have a right. Don't you? Help me please.Mike Marthaller Sr.

- Verizon H8er ID: 1AEF01

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03/17/09 | 16:59PM
Mike I'll take care of this. Love Ivan

- Verizon H8er ID: D74F5A

05/16/09 | 20:56PM
We tried calling, but no answer.


- Verizon H8er ID: 4A5BF2

08/25/09 | 3:35AM
I cant tell you how many hours and how much headache we've had from Verizon Business fo rthe past 5 years. We have 13 lines between two offices and spend sooo much time getting transfered and told different stories each time - we now keep a detailed report and read it back to the tech guys- they usually say the same thing each time : "that doesnt make sense, thats not what it says on my screen." I wish I could reach through the phone and strangle the mess that we call Verizon. They shouldnt be allowed to use "The Nations Best Network" in their ads- its a poor reflection on America.

- Verizon H8er ID: DF93C9

06/03/11 | 8:25AM
Yeah, similar to the slogan on the first email the sent when I ordered online "Rule the air on American's most reliable network" and the slogan they kept playing over the phone while I was waiting for 3 hours over an insane billing dispute I remember it as "Rule your Verizon Account!" While at the same time, every few minutes they are continuously arguing to prove that Verizon is really the one that "RULES" it, no matter what is true or right.

Dawn Jones - Verizon H8er ID: C0E0CE

06/03/11 | 8:28AM
WOW I hear you guy, you deserve to be compensated. Sure it was a mistake but it is wrong for verizon to intentionally let you to go down for it. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help, and i will. aloha

Dawn Jones - Verizon H8er ID: C0E0CE

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