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03/22/09 | 22:35PM
im amazed why people use verizon

It amazes me why so many people put up with verizons garbage month after month. Im sure verizon laughs all the way to the bank. Here's an example. When i had verizon i wanted to get a phone that i really liked but wasnt eligible for an upgrade. Well, since i had just gotten a bonus from work and the bills were paid i decided to buy the phone i really wanted for full retail. I loved the phone and was very happy until 2 months later came and the phone broke. Well, verizon gave me another one in store but it turned out to be a refurbished phone. Thats all they would give me so in summary i was ripped off, paid full retail for a refurbished phone which i didnt think was fair at all. I even offered to pay a $20 restocking fee or something similar to get me a brand new phone but verizon would not let me.

Another issue i always had with verizon is that the bills never seemed to add up. Even when you watch the minutes and data charges the bill was always higher than i expected which wasnt good on the bank account at all.

Blows my mind people put up with it.

- Verizon H8er ID: 5E823C

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03/25/09 | 6:40AM
Guess you should have bought the insurance or had the manufactuer replace it since it was under their warranty.

- Verizon H8er ID: 4B8226

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