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03/24/09 | 12:10PM
Billing Questions

I asked, "No hidden costs or fees?" They said, "None." Then they added a $15 mo. virus protection fee. I never asked. I have my own virus protection program. They removed the charge after almost an hour on the phone.
I have a bundle with Verizon/Direct TV. I called Verizon with a billing question. The Verizon Rep. immediately said, "Let me send you to Direct TV." "Wait!", I said. "You don't even know my question!" I am looking at a Verizon bill, talking to a Verizon Rep and she does not want to even hear my question.
I left Comcast for this bundle. I have never spent more time on the phone talking with Verizon Reps all over the world trying to get help in my life!
I could give multiple reasons NOT to go with Verizon for DSL, home phone, and "Direct TV." Maybe less is more, so I'll just say, AVOID VERIZON! No matter what you think you'll save on their bundle, you'll waste hours trying to figure out why they are billing you extra. What is your time worth?

- Verizon H8er ID: 28B651

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03/25/09 | 6:26AM
I didn't know that Verizon even offered DSL. I know they have equipment for internet, but they offer service, too? I've never heard of that. Maybe because you are a customer to both the internet company and Verizon, the internet company produces a charge that appears on your Verizon bill. When you call customer service of course they will send you elsewhere if the billing is on behalf of the internet company.

- Verizon H8er ID: 4399E5

06/11/09 | 2:28AM
All Verizon cares about is selling, selling, and selling. Forget customer service. I was passed back and forth, on the phone, between customer service representatives in various departments, just to get a bogus fee removed from my bill. I never did get the "right" department. After being transferred for the second time, I expressed such frustration that one representative just gave me the credit.

Once, I went to the Verizon Store and was told to call Verizon. So, I sat in the middle of the store, on my cell phone, complaining loudly about a service problem. The only thing these stores care about is selling. Every time I go in to the Verizon Store to ask a question or buy a phone accessory, the first thing they want to do is sell me a new phone, a revised plan, or FIOS TV.

I would not even consider FIOS TV, because I am so tired of being solicited everywhere I turn. I was even approached inside Walmart, as I was shopping. Enough is enough! I wonder how much those mail advertisements cost the company. Perhaps, they should invest that money in a centralized customer service that can actually answer a question. What good is a bundle plan, when no one in the company can provide service for the whole bundle?

- Verizon H8er ID: 500708

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