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03/29/09 | 13:51PM
Verizon rapes family for 869.00 still no service...

OK my story is jacked up... i have lived in my home for a yr now. We moved in and actually started out with service with TWC because I knew that Verizon sucked...So after 8 very happy months of TWC cable internet and home-phone service. Out of now where appears the Verizon Fios Van and they had installed a FIOS box right next to my house 2 inches from my fence in my YARD... Needless to say my connection to TWC was lost in essence I was slammed... So i went ahaead and switch i ddn't see the reason to fight with them at the time.. and they switched me no problem. NO deposit... Just signed up for service. In a few days they were here installing the service. After not recieving any bills from them I called in to see what was wrong...I told the CSR that I wasn't recieving my bill. I also told her that prior to having service with I had to write a letter to my congress person because i was not recieving my mail here and he had to talk to the post masters and sent me a letter saying that everything should be resuming... Eventually my reconnect price was 219.00 my service was disconnected. I didnt want to pay them if I couldn't see the bill. But when my internet was disrupted... i had no choice but to pay them blindly as i couldnt see my bill online I have no internet. So i called into customer service and ask how much i had to pay to restore services.They told me to pay the past due amount and my service would be restored. I didn't have 505.00 at the time but i did in just a few days. So i called back in and said again how much do i pay? Now the price was 821.00... I was like what?
I haven't even had service from feb 24- now...BUT THEY CHARGED ME 222.00 for it...Because i have no choice but to have VERIZON...They slammed my whole neighborhood.. i paid them 830.00 It wasn't their fault i wasn't recieving my mail...i agree.., But not only did VERIZON REFUSE TO TURN MY SERVICEBACK ON>> THEY TERMINATED MY CONTRACT AND THEN TOLD ME I HAD TO PAY A 400 dollar deposit to restore the tv service. In rolls this ,onths bill (igot it this time) the bill is 1029.00. of course they didn't take off the payment i just made and were charging me again for a service they refused to provide and then this month still no service but was charge 222.00 for the HDTV thing. I think that this force to HDTV gives them every right to be greedy and to lie to everyone. This was really for my daughter... i have a special needs child that cannot attend school or go around other children as her immune system is very weak and Noggin really brightens her day... €I would do anything for my child. She was born at 1lb 6 oz I would do anything for her because she is here with me now. I even paid for a month of service that i wasn't recieving... and they still wont turn on her cable. Poor lil thing... I think i am going to tell noggin abot Verizon maybe they shouldn't let them have their channel till they learn how to treat ppl. I also had to pay 39.00 to get my internet back on. BUT THE BILL SAYS I ALREADY HAVE IT>>> THEY ARE CHARGING ME FOR IT>>> I think they are trying to make me get sooo far behind that i wont be able to afford it... But i did what they asked me to do... they just haven;t done what they said they were going to do... I foigure if they ripoff 100 ppl everyday for 800.00 they would be the multi million dollar business that they are today with such a crppy reputation... i hate verizon but am obviously stuck with them.I realy don't know what else to do. Mondau morning i am going to fax my bills to the White Hoiuse Office liason and let them see how they are charging me... and will not restore the sevrice and I have pid them 869.00 that is alot of money and for them to ask for 400 dollars in deposit for something that i am already being charged for is rediculous... They are just being crappy... if there is a way to sue them I am going to. I hate verizon. Thanks for listening

- Verizon H8er ID: 7D207C

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