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03/29/09 | 14:22PM
Incompetence, Indifference,In-denial: Another Landline Tale from V-Hell

For the second time, I have lost both Verizon landlines for more than a week. (They are dead lines right now). There dial tone down-time for this year is 5%.

Incompetence: Repair people routinely cut off lines while making other changes in my neighborhood. And, when they are scheduled to show up, they don't bother and don't call at least 50% of the time.

Indifference: Customer service people seem numb, unable to react to the most horrific service problems. They had the gall to offer not to charge for days when I had no service. No shit!

In-denial: Customer service people lie point blank. Once a repair person called to say a problem elsewhere was taking longer than planned to get fixed, so he wouldn't get to us. Then an hour later a customer service rep told us that the repair person had an emergency medical problem and we would have to get re-scheduled (at the end of the line) and wait anthero 3 days.

Finally, I have discovered that when someone doean't show up, and you go on-line to check the status, it just tells you to reschedule. Then when you call customer service, they point out your new appointment and pretend you didn't have the original one. It's like they are trying to drive us into a fury.

I will be canceling my service and going with Comcast, but I realize no one at Verizon gives a damn. So I am going to see if I can get 100 people to drop verizon in my area.

- Verizon H8er ID: 577206

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