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03/31/09 | 13:29PM
Close encounter

I nearly switched to Verizon.
Here is my story. Here are my opinions.
Oh, and I am emailing you because registering to VerizonPathetic, and
Verizarape is too time consuming for me. This window was already up for

I'm about to head off to California for my spring break trip soon.
I live in Ohio.

I had a phone plan with Cincinnati bell through my parents, but they
became lazy, and decided to stop paying it.
Cincinnati bell- Decent prices. Customizable phones. *I modify Motorolas*
NO contracts. Great place.

They thought it would be smart to switch to Verizon, because of the so
called service Everywhere. "No dead zones" Etc.
I told them they would be in debt by writing their name in blood shaped V.
I got into it. I went to their page. Grabbed a shopping cart. through a
cool $100 Omnia in the cart.
Nearly checked out when I saw "KEEP YOUR NUMBER!"
Well this sounds nice eh? No. They ask for all this personal information
and your old subscribers info.
I thought it would be a bit more simple than asking for my social security
So I say "Well fuck that." and move on to the checkout process.
They ask for my credit score. My social security number.
"Alright. Enough of this shit. I'm reading a few reviews first."
First topic in the forums- "Issues regarding Omnia's (lack of) GPS"
I refused verizon. I told my parents to change their minds.
I went into the verizon store and shouted in a workers face when he told
me "Oh yeah, the GPS works great. I have a Omnia at home."

There is nothing in this world that angers me more than censorship.
Apparently verizon just adores censoring their customers on their forums.
So I get really mad.
And look for a few sites to rant to.

The initial thing that made me angry with this company is the fact that I
wanted wireless broadband.
Again. A problem arose. Unlimited data usage is actually 4.5 GB.
That is nothing. You have to LOOK between the lines to see it. They don't
come out and say it.
I don't know if you're familiar with FailBlog. But this is something I
just adore.

I mod Motorola phones as I said prior. My aunt comes to me looking for
help with her "awesome new Razr".
First, I tell her to turn bluetooth on so I may send her a picture.
And guess what? Verizon Blocks the channel of bluetooth, used to exchange
I couldn't send her the picture, because my phone was unlocked.
I hook it up to some of my gear, and what do I find?
That the company has put on a custom Operating System SPECIFICALLY used to
operate the phone.
If I change the boot screen from Verizon, it would bring up a corrupt
Operating system screen.
If I changed ANYTHING it would do that.
Thanks verizon. You shit fucks.

I hate proprietary companies. Especially Verizon and Dell.
Verizon is a leading cause of hate in my life and I wish every employee,
especially those bastards thinking up ways to piss me off behind a phone
could just move on to a happier place. Where Ivan the CEO of the worst
company ever, were dead. and maybe this company could regain it's moral.

- Verizon H8er ID: 13D3D2

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05/15/09 | 6:46AM
Somebody bring this baby a nipple to suck on. You are pathetic. Quit crying.

- Verizon H8er ID: A4A117

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