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04/18/09 | 19:58PM
Can I sue verizon PT 2!!

On 1/28/09 I posted my story. My fios problems are now solved. But they are still screwing around with the "bundled" amount and I have to call each month. This is going on since Dec08 since I rolled back to coppert hanks to the Better Business Bureau.

My new problem is they are trying to charge me for an early termination fee $165.05. I received 1 bill and called and was told that it would be taken care of. Never heard anything again until a letter came from a collection agency. I called both verizon and agency which turned out to be a "Pre collection" letter. Once again I was told it would be taken care of since this is not my fault but Verizon's responsibility due to my circumstances. Now a real agency is calling to collect the debt. I am being harrassed and in danger of ruining my perfect credit. I called Verizon and once again was told they will take care of it. The collection co.wants a letter of dispute. I told them they can dispute all they want because they will never get a penny from me since this is not my responsibility!!I can not believe it is almost 1 year I have been dealing with this nonsense. When everything is finally over should I go to a cable bundle? Will they be as F...ed up? Big business is the destruction of our economy and they continue to lie cheat and scam and we little people have no say in the matter. How can an unorganized co. like Verizon not fix my problem for almost a year but be able to harrass and destroy my credit in a matter of seconds? They should go out of business. We should all boycott Verizon.

- Verizon H8er ID: EDE15C

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