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04/27/09 | 21:54PM
Get Those People Off the Commercial and Back to Work!

We were dissatisfied with Comcast (isn't everybody). We got an offer in the mail for Verizon's Triple Play. We were foolish enough to fall for it. They sent the wrong modem. We couldn't get the service to work. They sent the wrong modem again. We tried to contact Verizon directly to resolve the various problems. You know you can't really do that, don't you. One day, we spent over six hours on the phone - we were shifted to the Phillipines, to India, and the U.S.. No one spoke English very well and nobody wanted to help or was willing to take responsibility for everything. They even denied that they had mailed out any special offer (we had it in our hands - they said that was a contractor). We (or at least, my wife) was reduced to tears. I personally visited several of the big Verizon office buildings in our metro area - lobbyists, lawyers, accountants, and even some engineers. But no customer service folks, and nobody knew where they were (Phillipines?). Eventually, we got things working. Then the bill came. Way more than $100 above what they had said the bill was going to be under this offer. Back to the phones. Phillipines. India. Finally, we get someone here who appeared to try to help. We'll see.

- Verizon H8er ID: 89B3F5

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04/28/09 | 0:08AM
Call Ed Wagner and wake him up from sleeping at his desk. He won't do anything but you will have the pleasure of depriving him from napping on the company dime

- Verizon H8er ID: FECB06

06/15/09 | 1:48AM
Sleeping? Does he snore?

- Verizon H8er ID: FECB06

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