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05/11/09 | 19:04PM
Online Payment Debacle-Verizon

I became disableb this year(whole other story) and do a lot of online payments to make sure I am on time; I cannot always drive to the post office due to various medications I take and I live out in the country. I have been in the hospital at least five times in the past 30 days for nuclear testing, procedures, etc. I am very fussy about paying on time and having a great credit score.

So because I had a big procedure scheduled, I decided to pay my two VZ bills on line instead of by mail, fairly uncomplicated, using the checking account I have had for 33 years. Both transactions seemed ok, were excepted and I took copies of the transactions.

Over the weekend I got a notice that the check(!) I had sent them had not been honored by my bank. I called the bank - I had $19000 in the account and they had not received a transaction from VZ.

I called VZ and they said they couldn't access the online info and that I had to go back online and "speak to" a csr. Well, for me to get from one room to another is a challenge. I opted to just send a check for the amount.

The notice says they will charge me $30 for a returned check fee(no check was involved) and a late payment charge. It further says that this transaction is being reported to the credit agencies.

The woman I spoke to on the phone said that because of bank consolidations a lot of routing numbers, etc have changed and that this was out of VZ's hands. My bank is Fulton Financial and hasn't been acquired or changed in years! I asked her to take additional charges off my bill but she said I would have to call back when I get the new bill and make my case with the billing dept. While she was polite, she was adamant that I or my bank was totally at fault. She said that this was NOT reported to any credit agency. She also asked that when I call back there be no background noise in the room! This was because during the very long time it took to reach her and the long conversation, my dogs barked for about 10 seconds at the man who helps me in the house. I shushed them immediately and they settled down. I mean really, who does not have some interuptions or noise in their homes?

The people at VZ just follow a script and stick to it. They want you off their line and there is no individualized service at all. In addition, they hope that you will just get the next bill and pay it without dispute. While polite, I think their attitudes are condecending or bullying to say the least. And I think that they are getting direction from their new management to be this way. I have some knowledge in this as my husband has directed two call centers over the last 18 years and knows the tactics some companies use(not his). He has been at seminars where call center experts from VZ have spoken and thinks they are really aggressive and have ramped up their efforts to provide as little customer service as possible.

And for us, there is not option on the phone company as our wireless is spotty out in the sticks.

This company's tactics are anti consumer!

- Verizon H8er ID: 6F8E59

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05/12/09 | 6:29AM
Maybe your husband should do a customer service seminar since he is such an expert. He has been in charge of two call centers and I am sure he is not shady at all.

- Verizon H8er ID: 4B48B9

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